Thursday 5 September 2013


Princess Andorrea from the planet Zolfan
by Jez
I spent a few hours yesterday in the waiting room of the hospital where Dev was going to have an eye operation.  Thankfully it was a private clinic with deep squashy settees and side tables to take the coffee and biscuits that were brought to me twice.

Because I knew I would be waiting so long I took my I-pad with me so that I could draw and 'paint'.  While I waited with Dev for him to be called, I picked up the Daily Telegraph Business Section that lay on the table beside me.

And this is what I saw:

This was the face of a girl in a larger picture illustrating an article - I never even looked to see what the article was about, I was just entranced with the face which inspired me to paint Princess Andorrea.  The time simply flew by, and I even enjoyed the wait -  and the result which gave me a face for today's 29 FACES

I used the Brushes app, which is my favourite even though it's very simple compared with other painting apps.  That's why I like it because it is intuitive and seems to work the way I like to draw.

At home I added the frame and the message in Zolfan symbols in Photoshop.


  1. Your ipad drawings are always such fun, I do love that strange hat, it reminds me of a pincushion. :)

  2. Fantastic!! I love your inspiration photo and your result. Your take on it is marvelous!

  3. Great work and what an inspirational find! You just never know when they might pop up!

  4. So glad you enjoyed yourself doing this Jez :)

    She is fab - I love that eye make-up she's got going on! :)

  5. I always enjoy seeing your I-pad creations and what inspires you to create, I love what you have done here, her hat is very quirky! Hope Dev's eye op went ok x

  6. That *is* a great face and your adaptation of it is equally great!
    And I trust the surgery well, too!

  7. Jez, your face from the papers is perfectly drawn and what a wonderful way to pass the time. (Just had cataract surgery a month ago so I know my husband had to wait. His turn for procedures is tomorrow and I will be waiting about 6 hours.) I love the colors in your art.

  8. Cool inspiration... translating into your won style! Love it!

  9. Your work is so inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  10. Very clever indeed. I saw that picture too and you've created a fine art image from it.


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