Wednesday 25 September 2013


Black pen and digital 'colouring' - Jez


For Martha's 29 FACES during this month of September, we were challenged to create 29 faces in 28 days, so today I am posting two faces to make sure I get the extra day's face in within the 28 days.

Edwain, the young chap above combines the idea of how much information is needed to make it recognisable as a face, which I have mentioned before, and the effects of strong light and shadow.

Both faces were created very quickly on Monday morning, having to get them done hastily because we have a couple of clinic days this week for Dev.  Edwain was drawn with a black pen, and the black shadows and grey stripes added digitally, time being precious.

Here's my second face of the day:

Franz Ferdinand - known by his friends as FF
White pen on black card - Jez 
White on Black:  I haven't drawn with white ink on black card for a long time, though I used a white pen for this drawing.  In fact I drew Franz Ferdinand in a hardly-used black sketchbook.  I really must practise white on black more.  It feels quite different, and I somehow find it quite frightening to do, and it's hard to make my pen touch the paper and start drawing!

I'll say one good thing about this challenge, it has certainly speeded me up.  Neither of these faces is marvellous and I'm only barely satisfied with them, but Martha encouraged us to post our work whether it was unsatisfactory to us or even unfinished.  The challenge has made me braver to put up for public view pieces of artwork that would normally be hidden under the pile of drawings to be kept from anyone else's eyes.  Thank you Martha.


  1. You have created wonderful faces. Interesting to draw white on black. This challenge has meant much to me too. I have got the courage to publish my face drawings and paintings. And got encouriging for them. I thank the hosting Martha too for all this.

  2. Edwain is mysterious!Love your drawings Jez!

  3. These are great. I do love the bold contrast of black and white, be it simple line or filled, or any variation thereof.

  4. Striking faces. The white on black is really nice!

  5. Love your faces, they are good! Valerie

  6. Love your faces on the black. I did this with Eleanor Roosevelt and her portrait. Really very nice work Jez.

  7. Very interesting faces. I like these very much, especially Edwain. In his picture there are so fine shadows and lights. And even You have painted only half on face You have find his character very well.

  8. I love these unique and whimsical....I like a limited pallet at times!! These are a couple of my favorites!!
    I could see them on pillows, or serving dishes...or tee-shirts!! Good job! I know I am quirky....This kind of art makes me happy...what can I say!

    Hugs Giggles


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