Sunday 15 September 2013


Hubert Gizmachi
Do you remember Professor Petrov Gizmachi from yesterday's Day 14 painting for 29 FACES?  Let me introduce you to his son, Hubert, for Day 15.  A true chip off the old block, both in appearance and phenomenal intelligence.

At the age of 16 Hubert is a first-year student at one of England's top universities, and has been picked for their team competing on television's 'University Challenge' programme.

Yesterday's Scribbler face of Professor Petrov inspired me to paint a portrait of his son.  I'm challenging myself to create something in a different way every day, and although I've used the methods separately before, I've never combined them with this approach.

I painted a watercolour background on watercolour paper, sloshing different colours of paint onto the wet page fairly randomly and adding splashes of colour with a toothbrush.  Luckily the orangey paint fitted nicely for where I wanted to paint the hair.  Of course I forgot to take a photograph of the background before I did the next stage.

I painted the outline of his face, his eyes and his lips with acrylic paint, and scrubbed the remnants of mixed paint left on my palette onto the face and hair quite randomly.  The spectacles were painted with a black Pitt Artist's brush pen.  I wanted to leave the rest of the face 'empty' so that the original messy background showed through, as you can see in this close-up.

Here he is again in all his intelligent glory, looking a bit miffed because he would have liked a more traditional portrait.  But I love him.


  1. Starter for ten.... Great Jez. Hubert looks like a very successful Astro Physicist! Again you have brought a smile to my morning. I relly admire your determination to try out new techniques.

  2. This face really made me smile and this cold and wet Sunday morning. Fantastic! xx

  3. Love your technique but I must confess he looks a awful lot like my seventh grade history teacher.

  4. He does look very serious indeed but he does make me smile :) I reckon he's got a wicked sense of humour behind that serious face.

  5. I can see He is very clever and He would come professor, too, of course.
    I like these Your paintings very much. It is good to go to sleep smile in my mind.
    Good night :-)

  6. Not only do I LOVE your art, I love the stories behind each piece. What a great talent of both the literary and art you have!

  7. This so fun, I love how you captured him as the son...well done...thanks for sharing your process... you really have been testing your talent with all these separate forms! Awesome work!

    Hug Giggles


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