Wednesday 18 September 2013


'Not Ronald' - Continuous line drawing
Pitt Artist's Fine Line Pen - Jez
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Still determined to try to create a drawing a day for 29 FACES using a different technique or a different medium every day.  The inspiration for the drawing above was a photo of last century film star Ronald Colman.  It doesn't bear much resemblance to him, which is why I've called him 'Not Ronald'.

This face is drawn with a single 'travelling' continuous line, keeping the pen on the paper from start to finish.  I've done single line drawings before, but usually just the outline.  This time I was determined to investigate the photographic image more thoroughly, drawing as much detail as I could, every shade, every fold of flesh.

I don't mind a bit that it doesn't look like Ronald.  I wasn't trying to draw an accurate image of him.  This drawing activity is about absolute concentration on the details of the face, keeping the pen moving as the eyes search around the image, and focussing on line, shadow, edges and folds.

It's about the feeling of the pen as it moves around the page.  I don't know if I am saying this clearly enough.  Anyway it is a very intense activity and quite tiring because of the concentration involved.

The result really pleases me, and I shall be using this technique again when 29 Faces is over at the end of September.  Can't believe we are more than half-way through.  Only 10 days to go, so I think I shall be able to keep to my personal 'do it differently' challenge.


  1. This is a great face Jez. Drawing a whole face without taking the pencil off the paper is difficult and it makes you study the subject carefully but you have done it very well. The lines remind me of contour lines on a map as if you have been orienteering over 'Not Ronald's' features:)

  2. It is not important, who he is, it is more important that this drawing is wonderful. The lines are so alive and exspressive. I love dancing lines.
    Greetings, Uuna :-)

  3. wow continuous drawing must be so difficult, you have done a wonderful job, x

  4. Continuous Drawing is so difficult and you have done wonderful job as Netty says. I so admire your determination to try new mediums and ideas for the challenge, For everyone there is still so much to learn!

  5. He's very handsome. Continuous drawing is hard, but you pulled it off fabulously. Yay!

  6. I had to do this in school once. It is very difficult! You did a great job. Love it.

  7. Fantastic! Contour drawings are so much fun and they really help develop hand-eye coordination. This one turned out really well. Very artsy and cool.

  8. This is so good. It kind of reminds me of etch-a-sketch but way, way, way better than the dodgy houses I used to manage. One of my favourites (again) of yours so far Jez. Just love this and something I will definitely try!

  9. Jez I love this one line sketch...turned out excellent...may not be Ronald but it's a good male face...that's for sure!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Lots of personality in this one - love the one line technique!


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