Thursday 12 September 2013


Sweet Rita, no one could be sweeter - Jez
I think it's time for a girlie picture again.  Here's Rita, her hair (but not her face) reminds me of Rita Hayworth, the film actress of my youth - much before your time dear youngsters.  Though with all the re-runs of old movies on television she may still be well-known.

I used coloured pencils and then digitally collaged her onto part of a photograph of a huge wooden door that I took in Liverpool a couple of months ago.  I thought the rich colours went well together.

I thought I would experiment with a few digital changes, just for fun.  I liked the pointillist effect of this one.

This was the only colour change that gave a really different effect, particularly with the fiery background.

And I was pleased with the effect of this filter, where the hair looked a little like knitting.

There are so many wonderful blogs that I visit for this great challenge
and it is so sad that when I type in a long comment
I find I am not able to publish it because I don't
have Twitter, or Google +, etc
so it just gets lost and I can't express my admiration to the artist.
I don't understand why the two Google things are separated with an iron wall!


  1. How clever to collage onto that wooden door, however my favourite is the very textile like knitting filter, how great is that!!!

  2. Wonderful textures in these images! How different can the same image look? I think that sort of experimentation is such fun! My son who is a bit of a film buff for a youngster has discovered Rita Hayworth and I remember when some of her films were shown on Sunday afternoon TV in my youth! She is fabulous, especially in the film noir 'Gilda' and The 'Lady from Shanghai'. Another of our favourites is Veronica Lake - again one for the sultry waterfall of hair! Sadly I think both these lovely ladies met a tragic end through alcohol abuse! Hollywood, eh? Julie Ann xx

  3. Rita was a wonderful filmstar with her red hair. I gathered her pictures, cut from newspapers and pasted in a book when I was young.

  4. Love that you collaged the image to a door!
    And it's so cool ~ the digital play with the image ~ clearly you're having fun!

  5. Glad to see you are playing with digital work. My favorite is the color change the colors. Yes, I remember Rita Hayworth. I had a record album, remember those really big ones, with her picture on the front showing her cleavage in a red dress.

  6. she makes me smile, quite lovely.
    that door looks gorgeous too ~

  7. Her hair is awesome! And I love that you took it digital and played around and made entirely new pieces. Very cool.


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