Monday 16 September 2013


Mindy - Jez
Mindy here is the result of a a silly careless accident I made with the original drawing, all my own fault as usual.  You can see below the stage just after the careless move that meant I couldn't use the original drawing.
For the original drawing - before I spoilt it - I used Indian ink and a piece of bamboo sharpened to give a 'point' about 4 mm wide as the drawing implement.  I was able to make the line thicker or thinner depending on how I held the bamboo.

When I decided it was ready to photograph the original drawing, I noticed a couple of specks of some kind just above the top of the hair, where the ink line was thick.  I brushed them away ..... and yes, that part of the drawing was not completely dry and I smudged it badly.

To try to make it usable I widened the line of hair all around the head with a Pitt Artists Brush Pen, as shown above.  But then I felt it made the image worse, not better.  So I decide to paint the hair black all over.  OK, it was time to play with Photoshop to do that, I wasn't about to get the black ink out again.

Here's Mindy again when I finished playing on Photoshop:

After pouring black to fill the outline of the hair I wasn't too keen on the extreme dominance of the black.  It needed a bright background to complement it.  I drew the white mosaic-type shapes and filled them with various colours.  Just the amber eyes and the lips to colour in, and voila! I considered it finished.

I like it now, a combination of drawing and digital, and a spoilt drawing saved.  Mindy comes to life.

                                           I felt it was worth the struggle.        What do you think?

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  1. Yes she was well worth the struggle and I love the digital background. Awesome that you capture both before and after too!! This style reminds me of the little icon you use as yourself!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Great "save" ~ great face!

    And because Life and all its parts is all about the journey (and NOT the destination) ~ of course ~ the struggle is most always worthy!

  3. I love how you combine digital and traditional. There is hope for me yet :)

    I love that colourful background against her strong image too.

  4. I think it turned out just right.

  5. Oh yes it was worth it. Wonderful result.

  6. Definitly worth the struggle! Amaising that combination of painting and digitalwork. Many possobilities.

  7. Yes, definitely worth the struggle! I think we've all done the black ink smudge. So frustrating. But this was a great save for sure. The pastel mosiac at the back is wonderful.

  8. Well saved. I admire your patience and love the end result.

  9. happiest of accidents - Mindy is a winner.


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