Wednesday 4 September 2013


Percy ..... and er ..... Percy
by Jez
This is one of my coffee-break scribble doodles.  I often doodle with my eyes closed, not thinking about the details of a sketch, just saying in my mind 'face, face'.  When I look at it I can invariably see a face shape somewhere in the scribble. 

Yes, nutty I know, but try it yourself.  It works for me, baby.  In fact what I saw today were two faces, most unexpected.  Picasso is probably grinding his teeth with envy up there in heaven. 

I didn't think of scanning the sketch until I had inked in the outlines of the lines I wanted to use, drawing almost exactly on the original lines. 

I scanned the image at that point.  If you look carefully you can faintly see the unused original lines which I  erased so that I could colour the face with watercolour.  I added a red surround using Inktense Watercolour Pencil to get a varied effect, and a frame put round on Photoshop.

Just right for Day 4 of 29 FACES.  I love Percy ... and er ... Percy, and would go on a date with them any time.   


  1. Oh I feel like her some days, everyone wanting and needing me. Great job love it.

  2. Great intuitive painting Jez. It gives a whole new meaning to 'Two faced'! :) Percy is very cool!

  3. Great intuitive painting Jez. It gives a whole new meaning to 'Two faced'! :) Percy is very cool!

  4. Haha, so cute I love scribbeling with close eyes ;) I have to do it more often!! Love her energetic nose ;) ♥ Conny

    1. As I'm not on Google +, Pia, I am not able to leave a comment on your blog which is very sad. I always enjoy visiting your blog and wish I could comment. I'm glad you liked her nose, and I like your description of it as 'energetic' - I was very pleased with the wan the nose came out too.

  5. I love Percy ... and er … Percy! I love the idea of drawing with one's eye's closed and may have to employ that method at some point this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Ha! How fun! Blind drawing is so much fun and this one worked out well for you :)

  7. I love the shade of that inktense - I keep thinking I'll have to try those! Percy/Percy looks a very interesting chappie :D

  8. Lovely fun image, inktense pencils are fabulous.

  9. What a fun face (s). I could barely hit the paper with my eyes closed, I think.

  10. Very cool face!! 2 for the price of one =)
    xx Monique #102

  11. LOl... Percy looks like he would be fun out on a date! Double the fun... great concentration during a coffee break!


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