I set myself the 100 Faces Project from 'Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists', but gave myself one month to complete it.  It really is quite a challenge to draw/paint 100 faces using different media and different styles, but I managed it in the month.  Here's a scribble portrait - pity the drawing on the next page shows through, but what does it matter!


On this page I'll add some sketches from time to time.  As I included a cockerel on one of the pages in the small book I made, I looked up an old sketchbook which I knew had a page of sketches of a cockerel's head.  I'm still quite pleased with the sketch, but I'm not so hot at taking straight photographs.  I wish I could invent something to put my I-phone on to take a photo that was not keystoned.


  1. I like the cockeral's start getting smaller and smaller.

  2. I love this scribble portrait! It is so real, and has such energy.


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