Wednesday 11 June 2014


One design to fit two challenges today:

Shapes in Black and White - Jez
The challenge from So Artful for June is 'Black and White', and this celebrates the time Dev and I went to see Stevie Wonder in the Birmingham NEC Arena - I think it was in 1984.  I have been reminiscing lately on great musical memories, and one of the highlights for us was seeing and hearing Stevie sing for a whole evening.

For Take a Word the theme is 'Shapes', and there are plenty of different shapes in this piece.

I have not been able to visit and comment as I normally love to 
because I am out of action and asleep much of the time.  
I do apologise, and will get back to see you and comment as soon as I can. 

Linking to Take a Word  and  So Artful Challenges


  1. Well done, Jez...for both challenges. What a great memory!!!

  2. I like your Stevie Wonder tribute, Jez. Reminiscing is a good thing to do when you aren't feeling well. Hope things will be looking up for you really soon. I appreciate your trip to my blog and your nice comments about my cards.

  3. This is seriously good and of course piano keys are black and white. I'm always happy to see you at Soartful.
    Just you concentrate on getting better, Jez, blog visiting can wait.

  4. I love the strong graphic feel in your Stevie Wonder tribute. Hope you're feeling better, my friend. Blessings!

  5. Love this Jez, and I am reminded of the song Ebony and Ivory which Stevie sang with Paul McCartney. Take good care of you x

  6. I hope you are feeling better Jez, this is a great and stylish piece!

  7. I have never seen Stevie Wonder so am very jealous as I am sure it was a wonderful experience, the black and white design works really well.

  8. Fantastic black and white creation, Jez. Just take care of yourself.
    Mar x

  9. Wonderful my friend! Feel better soon...I was down too and I have been sleeping to recover. Just rest as much as you can!

    Sending love and prayers!

  10. Black and white can be a very successful combination, and I think you've done it very well. Even though you've mentioned Stevie Wonder, I feel I still can fantasize my own images.

  11. Jez this is fabulous. Old music was and still is the best.

  12. How fun! Lovely artwork and design for a great memory :)

  13. Fabulous design in B & W Jez-and how wonderful you got to see Stevie Wonder perform! Rest up and take care.

  14. I really love this Jez, (and Stevie Wonder) I'd have loved to have been at the concert. I've many memories of music concerts but unfortunately I haven't seen Stevie Wonder live.
    I always like to work in black and white too. It's just perfect ;D
    I hope you're feeling better soon...take care x

  15. Love the black and white and I, too, love Stevie Wonder. How cool you got to see him in concert. Yes, the old music is the best.

  16. Wonderful .... Love how you did the sides. Hope you'll soon feel better!


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