Friday 6 June 2014


Feeling a little better each day, but getting very little done except a few sketches for Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens, where this fortnight's theme is 'Music and Musicians'.  As I am not getting out to see any musicians, I am concentrating on musical memories, which has been fun and the cause of a good deal of discussion and laughter in the family.

'Sparky and his Magic Piano'
Pitt Pen and Coloured Pencil - Jez
The Sparky records on the radio in about 1947 or 48 were my introduction to the wonderful music of Chopin, and to other classical music.  I had never heard anything like it, and fell in love with it.  Does anyone else remember Sparky and the piano that played the music for him?

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One day my younger daughter blew into her recorder.  A large earwig shot out of the other end, and she screeched in horror.  She just reminded me that I said sympathetically "Well, that shows you haven't been practising".  And that was the last note she ever played on a recorder.

Well, the sketch with its story tells you everything here.

The three of them, each with their own piano-accordion, took lessons together for a couple of years until their teacher married and moved away.  And they all moved on to different instruments.

Musical memories of seeing a special production of 'Madame Butterfly'.   

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your musical family! I loved the one with the earwig. Yes, I quite understand why she would never play the recorder again. How funny! Jez, I was certainly old enough to enjoy Sparky and his magic piano but I don't recall him at all. What great memories you've illustrated in you own delightful way.

  2. What a musical tale, it is like a dramatic opera "The family who played music". Aaargh! I'm not surprises your daughter never touched the recorder again, and I so liked the picture of Zoe and the huge accordion, in fact I love all your drawings here.

  3. I played the recorder for many years. thankfully no earwigs ever came out of it or I probably would have quite. earwigs might be my least favorite insect of all time, but I love your drawing and story!

  4. fab tribute to your musical family .. so funny all the pieces! GREAT!

  5. I do love your storytelling illustrations Jez. So glad to hear you're gradually feeling better!

  6. It was lovely to hear from you Jez! Happy Paper Saturdays!
    Your poor daughter hahahahaha I guess that is something I would have said too. I bet this memeory will stay in the family forever. I love it when my kids are all around me and bring up the memories from when they were little. Only one of my children is musical and when he comes he always brings his guitar home to play for us all. I don't remember Sparky I guess that is because I wasn't around yet ;)
    I hope you keep improving and give Dev a bit of a break.

  7. Good to hear you are feeling a little better Jez and thank you for your kind message.
    Love the sketches, so many wonderful memories. Annette x

  8. What a beautiful way of taking a trip down memory lane and illustrating the adventures of your musical family. I had to laugh at the recorder/earwig story!
    Hope you continue to feel better with each day Jez xx

  9. What a fun way to remember your musical history :-) Love that last drawing too! So glad you're feeling a bit better. Keep it up!

  10. Fab illustrations, love the way you tell stories with them! Thank you for introducing me to Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens. I've just left my email address as I'd love to get involved too!

  11. I am mesmerized by you story telling and sketching style of your life. The earwig story made me LOL. Best on your continued recover. Thank you for posting today. xo

  12. What fabulous memories you have illustrated. I love the drawing of piano and Zoe and your accordion, it is genial. I don't know who is Sparky, but I've searched and heard on You Tube I know...great music.
    I glad you continue to feel better!!!

  13. I like seeing them all together in one place. The drawings alone tell the story but the words add the details and fill in the rest.


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