Saturday 14 September 2013


Petrov Gizmachi, Professor of Arcane Knowledge
The Professor was created with Scribbler, one of my favourite apps on my I-Pad.  It's an interesting drawing app and fun to play with, especially in hospital waiting rooms.

Scribbler is very simple in concept.  You draw something - I always seem to draw faces.  You then select the amount of scribble you want, press the scribble button and, as the scribbling automatically and randomly moves around the picture, you choose the point at which you want to consider it complete. It only takes a little practise to achieve a result one likes.

I chose not to have too much scribbling on this.  It went a little further than I wanted because I was waiting for the eye on the right to appear but it wasn't going to happen.

It's random, but the end result often provides a sketch that gives me inspiration for a drawing.  And Petrov looks a learned but wise and approachable Professor, I like him.


  1. This is fabulous! Love his expression!

  2. How cool!! I really have to try this app. It looks like so much fun. Super face though. I love the glasses and the hair. The extra scribble details really take this to stylized coolness. Love it :)

  3. LOVE your professor! I always use Scribbler Too, where the scribbles are added while you draw. Have to check out the other one ...

  4. I love the way he is looking! He reminds me of a vicar I knew in London! Valerie

  5. I like him too. That is an amazing thing to play with while waiting.

  6. I like him too - I like the eye - it looks like it's in shadow.

  7. I love the online scribbler program and this is even more fun!! Love how the professor turned out! Seems like more character in the faces when they are less contrived.... this is so fun!! Love it!!

    Hugs Giggles


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