Monday 23 September 2013


Matilda, Lady of Mystery
Acrylic and ink - Jez
The last week of the 29 FACES challenge and another six faces to create after today's mystery lady.  Once again I wanted to create an image in a different way, and I was rather pleased with the result.

Why the mystery?  Because you can't tell whether she is outside and quite happily looking IN to somewhere interesting, or inside looking OUT rather pensively because ...... well, I don't quite know where she could be looking out from.  What do you think?

I was wondering yesterday what I could create in a different way for Monday.  I flipped the pages of the sketchbook I was using and found this drippy image in acrylics which I painted a week or two ago and was not too pleased with, so it didn't progress beyond this, and was clearly waiting for its moment to come.

I had the idea of painting a girl's face and digitally superimposing the drippy image on top of it.

No sooner thought than done, and I quickly sketched and painted Matilda in about ten minutes.

With the two images imported into Photoshop, and the drippy page cropped, I inserted Matty behind the drips, or the drips on top of Matty depending on how you look at it.  I leave it to you to write the story behind the image.  Thank you for visiting.


  1. What an idea! Super! Very musteryous and interesting. Your cross is very beautiful. I love Your flowing colors.
    Best Wishes :-)

  2. That's a really really cool drippy image, and what a great idea to put a face under it. You're right in that it is very mysterious. We can't really tell how she's feeling, but whatever it is, we can tell that it's intense. You are inspiring me to experimentation!

  3. Wow--I just looked at all your OTHER faces since I last looked at your blog (which was maybe a week ago), and I must say that I am REALLY impressed! Each one is completely different from the others--on polystyrene, made up of little circles, monoprints, etc.. Wow. And they all look so cool, too!

  4. Very cool! These two look amazing together!

  5. I really like that drippy image it is soo cool.

  6. how you altered her....very talented with digital arts! She looks like she is caged in color....and slightly annoyed with someone!! Beautiful work!

    Hugs Giggles


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