Thursday 26 September 2013


Choose two faces, get three free

I'm posting two faces again today, and I'm offering you a choice for the 29 FACES challenge - I'm choosing the lady with the high beehive hairdo for No 27 and the lady in the red dress for No 28.  Dev calls it 'Choose two faces, get three free'.  

This is the right-hand side of an unfinished double page spread in my sketchbook.  The background was painted with random splodges of watercolour few weeks ago.

When I looked at the pages earlier in the week I could see shapes and faces, so in my 'sit down' time, I outlined the shapes wherever I could see cartoonish characters.  I used Inktense pencils for the outlines and the colours, and then used a brush-water pen to turn the pencil colours to paint.

I can see a few faces and figures on the left-hand page, and will fill up all the space with figures and patterns when I have a little more time.  Being left-handed, I always start drawing or painting on the right hand side of the page and work across to the left.  Do any other left-handers do this?  I also always start reading a magazine from the back and read my way to the beginning, I just don't feel comfortable starting at the front, but I do read a book from the first page to the last.

After 56 years of marriage, I have only one little complaint - I still get my cutlery put on the table in the right-handers' way!

I want to give my thanks to all of you who have visited and encouraged me with your kind comments, and for your good wishes during the not-so-nice hospital visits I had, and Dev's cataract operation this month.  All my visits are over for the moment, and I am sure when I go back to see the specialist he will have good news for me.  Dev has had one cataract operation which seems to be a success and is just waiting now for the second one to be done.  I am sorry that I've been behind in commenting as much as I usually do, but will make sure to do so and enjoy seeing all your marvellous artwork.

Just one more face to go now, and for once it will be a more traditional drawing/painting.  I hope I can finish it in time, otherwise it will be posted as 'unfinished'.


  1. I have enjoyed your 29 face challenge so much, you have been so experimental with your approach. I love your lady with the beehive and your free approach to drawing. My daughter is a leftie and and I wonder if I am part leftie as I read magazines backwards too! :)

  2. Wonderful Jez. I sometimes splatter a few colours of ink and then blow it about the page with a straw, then I leave it to dry and when I come back to it I often find interesting faces. It's like finding faces in clouds or wood knots, shadows. I also like the purple face. Thank you for you visit and comments on my blog. :) Clare...

  3. PS: I am an insomniac!!!! And I flip though a mag from the back to the front and I am Right handed? Go figure....

  4. Thank you so much dear Jez for visiting my blog and for your lovely, encouraged comments. Now I'm very pleased about your joining my followers, It is a great honour, thank you Jez, xxx
    Your art is very characteristic and talented. Thank you also for it!.
    By the way I also start magazines from the back cover: :)
    With best wishes,

  5. More wonderful art from someone who clearly isn't afraid to mix it up! Awesome art! The colours are fantastic and the people you found in the watercolours look amazing. I love the lady in the red dress. I had cataract operations a few years ago and it was a wonderful joy to see properly once again. Best wishes for your husband as his eyes are opened :)

  6. Wonderful colors you know this piece speaks to me... the color is beautiful and the shapes are fantastic...that beehive brings back memories for me!! So fun thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles


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