Sunday, 9 February 2014


Pitt Artists Pen and Watercolour - by Jez
I used to 'build' my imaginary dream house when I was younger, and I would include all the features I wanted.  A circular window featured high on the list.

The imaginary house never got built, and I never got my round window.  But I still have the imaginary house, and now I can put my own design of stained glass in its round window, and the sun will shine through it beautifully, making it glow and casting patterns of colour across the white carpet.
So my stained glass girl is my Face No 9 for Ayala Art's 29 Faces Challenge.  It's a good job it's only a design because I don't have the steadiest hand, so the imaginary glass expert will tidy up any dodgy areas.

The picture below shows my original drawing, and the need for a steady hand was the biggest challenge!
The reason I chose this subject for today's face is that the theme for Inspiration Avenue this week is 'Stained Glass' - I hope I'm just in time for it.  The 29 Faces challenge is so intense that it unfortunately leaves little time for other challenges, and it is good to be able to combine the two.


  1. Well, this would certainly look awesome as a window somewhere! You're right that the 29 faces-challenge takes up quite some time, but it's so much fun .. :-) And what I like most is that it forces me to create and after a month I have all this new art that otherwise probably wouldn't have existed .... Keep going girl !

  2. Your design for the window is absolutely beautiful! I've always loved stained glass too! The 29 Faces Challenge is VERY challenging but I like it because it keeps me creating art. Sometimes I go on a month or two hiatus and I really shouldn't. lol

  3. One of the things about art is that you can create a world to your own liking, regardless of the real world. I love that you were able to get that round window and combine it with a challenge. I agree, there are so many challenges, it is a challenge to combine them in one piece. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. A really imaginative way to make a face for the challenge. I adore stained glass and your design is beautiful, your hand seems pretty steady to me!

  5. Loving the results of your stained glass girl Jez, so beautiful. Annette x

  6. Jez, your stained glass face is so pretty. I used to think the same as you because I love stained glass or just glass bottles in the windows. A friend inherited a real stained glass window from a church that was being sold. Her family had donated the window years before. It looks gorgeous in her home.

  7. what a great idea Jez! love the colours in this, she looks very serene. I agree with paper rainbow, your hand looks steady to me too x

  8. Oh wow! This is so pretty! And it would make such a gorgeous round window too. I love her calm, peaceful look.

  9. This is beautiful. Funny my dream was always to have a big old American style walk in wardrobe. I never for that either although we do have more built in wardrobes than you can shake a stick at in our cottage now so I guess that is a fair trade off!


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