Wednesday 5 February 2014



Acrylic on watercolour paper - by Jez
This is my favourite breed of goose - the Red-breasted Goose.  Its scientific name is Branta Ruficollis, and it is an endangered species.  At Martin Mere, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust centre in Lancashire fairly close to us, groups of them strut around the paths, looking gorgeous in their bright-chested plumage.

I never feel they look like geese, because their beaks are so short in comparison with other geese.  We have had a few bright, but cold and windy days here in amongst the rain.  Nice for a walk around, but not tempting to sit and sketch, so it's definitely been only a camera day.

I painted this handsome fellow in acrylic paints from the photograph I took.  They are so used to people that it's easy to get close to take a photograph.

In setting this month's 29 Faces challenge, Martha said we could include animal faces, and although this is a bird he is part of the animal kingdom so he is today's offering.

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  1. He/She is fabulous - worth for painting. You are so talented to create your art, Jez. And I like your humor which you often ad it. Nice to hear the weather has been nice there. We have now cloudy, misty - suppose snow will smell soon here in the Southern Finland.

  2. Jez this is beautiful. I'd never seen one of these geese before but what a stunner and what a lovely painting. I might have taken part if I'd realised animals were allowed but probably not as I said no challenges this year(apart from summer of colour!). You should definitely do more animals!

  3. He is beautiful and it is refreshing to see a fowl face amongst all the beautiful female faces I've come across =) Wonderful work!

  4. I thought I just commented, but maybe I didn't--but in any case, this is a BEAUTIFUL goose--lovely painting!

  5. Hi Jez. What a beautiful goose, excellent painting. Thanks for the info on this particular type of endangered species. God's creatures should be well taken care of. Thanks.

  6. Jez, I'm not familiar with this goose. He is beautiful and you did a great job on the different colored feathers. How nice that you can get up close and personal to get good photos to use!

  7. Hi Jez, this is such a wonderful painting of a goose. Annette x

  8. Really nice work here, and a beautiful species!

  9. How grand these would be in a whole group! We don't have these where I live in Canada. The bird is full of texture and grand colour! You painted the goose from a tricky angle! Well done!


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