Tuesday 4 February 2014



Pitt Artist's Pen - by Jez
Sometimes I like the challenge of drawing directly from the TV while a programme is on.  It's not exactly what you would call easy.  If, as with this sketch of Cellist Paul Tortellier on a documentary programme, either he keeps moving his head or the director changes the shot.  All you can do is hope that the subject returns to a similar position once or twice.

I felt I got a reasonable likeness even if it's not a very good sketch, but it's a good discipline and makes you draw quickly.

So that's today's face, but here's an extra one.  I'm only including this because I did it, and don't think it's good enough to use another day.

This was Julian Bream, the Guitarist.  Constantly moving his head, and never seemed to return to the same position.  Not at all pleased with it - but it's the doing of it that is important, not the result.

Do you ever try this?

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  1. Great sketches - I need to try this sometime!

  2. You might not think it's good enough but I think you did a terrific job. It's really hard drawing someone who moves all the time, and both sketches really show the character. And, like you said, it's great practice!

  3. Not tried it no, but maybe I should. YOu do a great job.

  4. I've never tried, I'm soooooo slowly but it could be a good exercise, better than look to someone insistently because some beautiful special and artistically atractive (someone will ghink of me I'm a stolker:) )

  5. Drawing off tv is hard. Rather like quick poses in an art class. It is really good practice.

  6. You are so good at this type of 'on the move' drawing, I know in the past you have posted drawings of people in waiting rooms and I have been amazed at how well you do it! It is not easy drawing someone who isn't sitting still!

  7. You certainly like to challenge yourself don't you! I think it would be hard enough drawing from life when the model is staying reasonably still never mind from the TV! I think these are really good!

  8. Love both of these sketches Jez, amazing how you have done this with a moving person! I love how you challenge yourself like this :)

  9. Absolutely count both of them for the 29! How in the world do you sketch fast enough to get a decent likeness from a TV program??? Your abilities far surpass mine and my hat is off to you for the fine likenesses you have drawn here.


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