Tuesday 11 February 2014



Empress Theodora - Jez
Coloured Pencil
I came across a black and white photograph of a mosaic in a vintage history book, and I fancied drawing it - in colour.  I didn't intend to do an exact copy, and 'inspired by' didn't describe my intentions properly because I wanted to add and change things and make it my own.

Then I saw in one of Faye's '29 Faces' posts that she used the term 'jumping off point', and it just described what I wanted to do.  Thank you Faye.

So the mosaic in the church of San Vitale at Ravenna was the jumping off point for my Face No 11 for the 29 Faces challenge.  She was Empress Theodora, the consort of Justinian I, Roman Emperor.  Not a happy-looking chick, but I don't suppose I would have enjoyed being a Roman Emperor's consort, and that head-dress must have weighed a ton.

I still haven't managed to work out what the thing on her shoulder in the mosaic is supposed to be, but I could use one because the strap of my shoulder bag is always slipping off my shoulder when I'm out in town.

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  1. The mosaic effect is very effective and as for her handbag holder, well I think it should be patented! What an idea. :)
    It is great the way all your faces have a little story and are all so individual.

  2. I love your stories, too. Colouring is perfect.

  3. Great post and a fab new face. Annette x


  4. I love your comment about her looking grumpy and saying that the head dress must have weighed a ton. haha! made me laugh. And it's probably so true! I love all of the vibrant colors you used.

  5. It looks like you jumped off very well! :-)

  6. I laughed out loud over your comment about your shoulder bag strap. I have the same problem. Your mosaic lady does look regal, maybe even haughty. She's very pretty. Well done!

  7. Okay this is my new favorite I adore all the mosaic shapes very cool and your choice of colors is great.
    I also want to tell you how much your comments mean to me it is so gratifying to have someone take the time to really look at my artwork and feel what I tried to express, thank you Jez.

  8. I don't blame her for being grumpy having to traipse that headdress around, poor dear. Love your take on the ancient.

  9. I like your piece, very well done. She's great and I love the colors.

  10. Love the mosaic piece, all your faces ar great.

  11. Great inspiration and great drawing and painting, Jez.
    Love your idea about the bag holding thing on her shoulder, that must be what it was!

  12. As good as she looks definitely not a happy camper....she needs to dump that ball and chain....poor girl!! I love how you strive to explore every avenue of genre!

    Hugs Giggles


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