Wednesday, 19 February 2014



'FOREST FOLK' - by Jez
Mixed media on cheap horrible paper!
Something a little different today, a picture that came from nowhere!  There are three faces on the image, but I'm only counting it as one, just the Elf King and two of his henchmen, his Forester and the Commander of the Guard.

As I was wondering what to draw or paint today, I came across a loose sketchbook page with splodges of yellow and green watercolour paint on it - probably left-over paint I swished across a handy sheet of paper one day.  Here's what the pre-painted page looked like when I started:

I looked at the page and the faces of the three Forest Folk jumped out at me.  I always find it surprising how faces do this.  It's not a slow process, they just suddenly form and ask to be released from the paint that is holding them in.  I quickly sketched around the shapes I saw, and you can probably just see the pencil lines on the photo above.

In the next stage I drew over the pencil lines with a black Pitt Pen.  At this point I didn't quite know what I should do next, because the paper was definitely not good enough to take paint without buckling even more than it already was.  As always when inspiration fails, I picked up a coloured pencil and started colouring, and from there the Forest Folk themselves told me what to do.

I'm very pleased with the result, and as always am surprised at what can emerge from blotches of paint. I could never have drawn this straight from my imagination.  Hope you like it.

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  1. The Elf king had been disguised in that page for a long time. You finally discovered him, or maybe freed him...the reward? A lovely painting to share with us! Hugs!

  2. This is somethin special, Jez! Love him and your art.

  3. Hi! Okay, I LOVE this - even if it is on "cheap horrible paper!" (You totally cracked me up with that one ;) It is so bold and modern and I loved seeing the progression, xo

  4. Gosh yes, the faces were definitely always there, enchanted into the page.
    This is something special, it's very clever how you let them out.


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