Thursday 13 February 2014



Quite a few people have painted Picasso-type faces for the challenge, so I thought it was a good idea to offer one myself for today's post.  Because time is very tight today with various commitments, I hope you will forgive me for using a face from my sketchbook.

Sometimes I host imaginary dinner parties with people from the past that I'd like to meet.  Last night I invited Picasso, and he turned up looking a bit grumpy because, after all, who am I!  Thankfully it was obvious that he was just glad of the opportunity to get out for a change and have a good meal, and he soon softened.

I told him I was thinking of creating a painting along the lines of his silly distorted faces.  OOOPS, that was a mistake.  He went quite red and threw his Black Forest Gateau directly at my favourite Chagall print.  SPLOSH!!!!     'Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean that'.

I explained that the painting was for the 29 Faces Challenge, and since he's been following all 200 or so blogs on the challenge, and getting quite a few good ideas, he showed more interest.

I showed him a quick pencil sketch of my idea, and he said 'Well OK girl, you go for it ….. but don't put my name anywhere near it'.  Well I did, didn't I, but it's too late for him to do anything about it now.

And with a quick colour-change, I can show you one from my 'Blue Period'!

And with a filter change on the Glaze App, I produced this.  Now there's something Pablo couldn't do, because he didn't like new-fangled technology and wouldn't buy an I-phone while he was down here.

I cut this cartoon out of a newspaper years ago, and stuck it in the front of one of my sketchbooks, and it makes me smile whenever I happen to come across it.  Hope Pablo doesn't check in and see the cartoon.

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  1. Oh Jez, you gave me a huge smile this morning! I envy your meeting with Pablo;) You made great "picasso" anyway.
    My favorit is the first one, it looks like a real master piece.
    The cartoon is fun, too. Have a wonderful day :)

  2. Oh bravo you wild and crazy Picasso lady...this is awesome. I like the variations too...I hope he didn't get any Gateau on your sketchbook.

  3. Great post Jez and loving your fab abstract portrait. Annette x

  4. Great face. My favourite version is the purple one.

  5. Well done, Jez. I wouldn't know how to begin to do a Picasso type painting. I think he'd be proud to have his name on this one. I like your original one best.

  6. This is my favourite face of yours so far jez, I love the angular lines, I find it incredibly difficult to draw and paint like this and admire so much those who seem to find it so easy!! fab Jez!

  7. Oh Jez I do love this one too! Especially that last would make a fab card! I bet he was amazed at all the options in cyber space...I wonder if he would have got as much painting done!! lol

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Jez! LOVE this post - Your Picasso story and cartoon make me smile. Your face/variations are stellar!!


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