Tuesday 24 April 2012


Here's an experiment I really didn't want to start.  Lisa challenged us to tear a page at random out of our book and really destroy it.  Had to force myself to do it, but I opened a page at random and tore it out (good, it was a page I didn't like).

To get me going I started by following Lisa's lead and crumpled the page up, opened it again and washed it with soap.  Ooops, it fell to pieces, which I didn't mean to happen, so from there on I was on my own.

So, I tried to re-assemble it by laying it on a plastic folder, then stuck wet tissue paper on it with PVA glue - ooops, fingers went green.  I needed it to dry then, but was too impatient to wait, so I dried it with the hairdryer, sticking bits together with masking tape as they started to fly about.

When it was dry I crumpled it up again, then opened it, and used the sewing machine to stitch on random bits from the waste paper basket with various stitches, scrunched it up again and gave it another cold bath treatment.  Straightened it out again and dried it with the hair drier.  Whew!

Quite pleased with that, and it looks a little like a map.  When I turned it over I decided I liked the reverse  side better, and it looked even more like a map, so I stapled it onto a blank page in the Mess Book -

I think the experiment was a success and I can see ways of using the destruction technique in the future, so I'm glad I was brave!


  1. I like this page, the messy book seems a good idea to free youself up, I might do one day.

  2. That would be nice - I think you'd have fun, but it does take over. Love you. XXX


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