Friday 20 April 2012


'DO A DRAWING WITH A PIN' it said.  Never done that before.  I have to tell you, if you are thinking of trying this page, it was fiendishly difficult!  But the more I struggled, the more interested I got and found myself experimenting with different ways of getting the ink from the pin onto the page.  By the time I had finished I was intrigued by the interesting shapes emerging, and the spattering, that I decided to add it to my repertoire of techniques.

These shapes interested me, though I'm blowed if I can remember how I actually did them now.

And look what lovely shapes they formed when I took the image into Photoshop and applied a 'Trace Contour' filter.  I can't wait to colour the shapes in (within the lines, of course!

I even liked the reverse side of the page:

While I'm on the subject of ink, this is one I did a few days ago - on the page to be wetted and then written on with ink or to have ink dropped on it, which was my choice.  And while I was using the pipette I drew a handsome chap with it.

And once again I liked the reverse side, especially the odd bits of paper that stuck on to it from somewhere:

And now ..... I've got to tear out a random page from my book and be violently unkind to it.  Am fighting the 'but it will spoil my book' feeling .........

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  1. Oooh Jez, leave it all. It's such a unique technique and you did some beautiful art with just the tip of a pin...amazing!! It deserves to be in your book!! Have you ever tried making art with a razor Myanmar (Burma,) we saw a young man with tar and a razor blade make the most amazing pieces of art!!


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