Friday 13 April 2012


Well I'm not really superstitious about Friday 13th, but I am hesitant to dismiss it altogether, so I had to keep telling myself that anything bad that happens could just as well happen any day.  Except that today I was in hospital for the day, waiting for three (not too pleasant) procedures, after having been asked at the last minute to attend a different hospital, which meant obviously that I would be at the end of the list.

At least it meant I got to finish the book I've been reading this week - 'A Change in Altitude' by Anita Shreve - an author who is new to me.  It's quite a strange book but one that pulls you in to the story, and one that gives such a strong sense of Africa that you can almost see the bright colours and smell what there is to be smelt.  I loved the book.

I also took a journal book along, and a few coloured pencils, and was glad I had done so.  I would never have done something like this before I discovered art journalling, but it does help to make the time go past unnoticed.  I was quite taken with the curtains round the bed and decided to draw the design.  The design was quite attractive, but I found that each flower I drew was determined to look ugly.  And I even managed to write all over the page!

So, the staff were all kind and gentle, for which I thanked them, and I survived the day.  Posting this page encouraged me to include the first journal page I completed on a very long hospital day at the end of last year waiting to be seen (last again!).

I started on the left just tracing round shapes in the background painting and colouring them in, and then moved on to the interesting equipment shapes on the right hand side.

And now, early to bed.

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