Wednesday 11 April 2012


I really love working in black and red on a white page. There is something about the very graphic image that results, and perhaps it locks in to my childhood enjoyment of 'colouring in' - and yes, I was a child who liked to colour carefully within the lines.

First of all, some quick sketches - 'warm-ups':

And an abstract in black and red:

Those sketches, and the following one are completed in my 'Red and Black' sketchbook - I tend to have separate sketchbooks for different kinds of work.  I think I'm either organised or obsessive!

But then I decided I would like to do a journal page using the red and black approach.  Eyes do seem to feature quite a lot in my work.

And then I challenged myself to a black and red sketch on my 
i-phone, and was quite pleased with the result:

If you've not tried this, then do have a go.

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  1. It reminds me of a book I had as a child with Mayan art in it - something to do with birds.


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