Wednesday 4 April 2012


First of all, another i-Phone painting.  A very simple one, but at this point I was still experimenting with what the various tools can do.  I like the freedom of the scribbly trees, and the delicacy of the dainty flowers in the grass.

And here is another technique I love to use, which gives completely unexpected and exciting results.

This is painted with wax, and the clocks were collaged within the wax.  I couldn't think what it was saying to me until I turned it round by 90 degrees, and then I saw it like a stage set, with two mysterious figures about to walk behind the curtain, and this inspired the words I wanted to add.

If you haven't tried encaustic art it really is worth investigating.  It's safe and simple, using a small iron, like a travel iron.  Simple landscapes give experience with working techniques and produce really nice images.  They make lovely greetings cards and people love getting them because they are the original artwork, not a photograph.  More experience lets you experiments with abstracts.  Look up  encaustic art on the internet.


  1. I love your encaustic art, i think i might try it.

  2. I like time is an illusion, it's a different way of playing with the medium - have you seen the book Encaustic Art by Lissa Rankin? - it's got some great ideas of using encaustic art in a mixed media way, including using it with your own photography. x

    1. Thanks for the comment. No, I haven't seen the book. When I first started with the encaustic art I bought a book by mail order 'blind' because it was sold by a supplier of the materials - and found it was the 'melting the wax' type of encaustic art and was no use to me. So I will look up Lissa Rankin's book on Amazon and treat myself.


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