Thursday 6 June 2013


Today I thought I would share with you a few drawings from my sketchbook, having been encouraged to play along with June Guys.

Put a pen or pencil in my hand and a piece of paper (or even a screen these days) and it will immediately start drawing a face - any kind of face, female, male, young, old and doodle or fantasy.

The first three here were sketched from photographs in newspapers or magazines and, as so often when I'm making quick sketches to 'get my eye in' for the day, I didn't record exactly which paper or mag it was.

I know this was from a weightlifting/body-building magazine.  It's not that I am the Body Building Granny of the UK, but these magazines are terrific for sketching because of the extreme development of the muscles.

This one was from life, sketched in a hospital waiting room.  People do tend to keep looking in different directions or shifting their positions slightly, but at least (in the kind of clinics we go to) they usually sit in the same seat for quite a while waiting for their appointment.

This is another example from a newspaper.  I was intrigued by the strength and wisdom of the profile, and really enjoyed sketching it.

And just for fun, here's another chap from the clinic waiting room.  This was a very quick sketch on my i-phone.  The advantage of the phone for drawing and painting is that people are used to seeing someone entranced by their phone and don't tend to think that you are sketching.

This does look like him, but OK he wasn't wearing a floppy red hat, nor did he have a red nose.  I just felt he needed them.  I do want to stress that we were in the blood clinic not at an AA meeting!

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  1. I love the way you capture peoples expressions Jez. The one done on your Ipad is especially good, in a few lines you have created a fun image. At collage I remember being told to draw with sticks dipped in ink to learn how to make as few marks as possible, I always found that tough, you make it look very easy ( Its really not! :) )

  2. Now that's SO cool! I love the idea of playing with my Iphone - I'll have to seek out that app.
    Thank you for your Summer of Color comment too - I'm so happy that you'll be playing along! xoxo

  3. Fantastic portraits! I've only done one guy so far. You're on the roll. :)

  4. Wonderful drawings, love your line work! <3

  5. Love all your portraits! What fun it must have been to create these!

  6. what is interesting? everyone has its own character :)

  7. I love the ones you've done on my phone. You are so brave sketching people like that in public. I remember last year at the cricket pitch when I was doing (I forget the name) the drawing where you don't look at the page... I was so self conscious. Especially as one of them kept turning round and looking. Craig said I did go a bit freaky eyed and starey where I was trying not to look down at my sketchbook...

    Love all the different styles you've drawn in as well :)

  8. The guys are fantastic. I agree with Carmen, you are so brave to sketch people in public. I really like the variety of poses and expressions. I can't wait to see more.

  9. Oh, Jez you gave me a broad smile, thanks! Iimagined you scetching thes people in the waiting room. Very well done with funny texts:)

  10. Excellent post, It was funny to read the last part :oD And great tip on working in public with a phone!

  11. Haha! Excellent sketches and the last one was quite humorous! ^-^

  12. I’m posting this same post on everyone’s blog to say, that I have enjoyed each and everyone’s June Guy. Everyone is so versatile and creative, it was truly a pleasure; you’re all so very talented. I will continue to peek in on your blog to see what you’re up too; I hope you continue to peek in on me as well. Until your next blog….


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