Sunday 23 June 2013


Jenn over at Artist's Play Room knows how much we all love doodling and this week she has told us to 'Go Doodle'.  Both my doodles were drawn a few weeks ago, but they seemed right for the challenge.

I always keep at least one sketchbook by me when I sit to have my coffee breaks, and my doodles most often take the form of a face or cartoony figure, who always come ready with their own name.

Here's Cecil - when I put my pencil on the page he just appeared.  He's trying to put over a good impression, but it's certainly not working on me.  I think he's got shifty eyes and a very false smile.


Cecil, Cecil, you do look quaint,
Your looks would make a Cherubim faint,
You pose as an angelic saint,
You're no angel, and a saint you ain't.

I don't very often doodle patterns and shapes, but occasionally something like this will emerge from the tip of my pen without any conscious thought, and if there's a pen handy I'll add a little colour.  I quite like this, I think it has a lot of movement.

For Sunday Postcard Art the theme is Summer Solstice, and it took me a while to think of something appropriate.

The postcard I made for SPA was inspired by this photograph of a young girl.  Last Thursday we had parked overlooking the sea at Southport - those of you in the UK may know that 'overlooking the sea' is rather a euphemism.  The land around here is so flat that most of the time the sea is just a shining line of water on the distant horizon beyond the sands.

A young girl with a circlet of flowers in her hair walked right up to our car and stood by the car door while her friend took a photograph.  I called through the window to ask if I could take a photograph, and had just a moment or two to snap her - no chance to frame the best shot.

She seemed just right for celebrating the summer solstice.  I isolated her from the background and digitally superimposed her over two pictures of Stonehenge from a vintage book I have called 'British Social History, Vol 1'.  The text and frame were added in Photoshop.


  1. He certainly does look a ltle insincere! :) and a little wicked too. This challenge is right up your street, I knew you would turn in something fantastic, strangely I only doodle when I'm on the phone and then Its only spirals, so Im not really sure what to post for the doodle challenge, maybe next week.

  2. Your doodle is full of character! I doodle too - all the time. Love your solstice photo too. xx

  3. Your solstice postcard is gorgeous - and I love the fact it has one of your photographs in it. She certainly does look like she should be at Glastonbury not Southport :-)

  4. You're right - she's perfect! Good for you for getting the shot. Wonderful card.

  5. That angel certainly looks like his up to no good. LOL! Your doodle reminds me of some of Wassily Kandinsky's works, and your postcard is very cool too. By the way, if I ever asked a random girl if I could take her picture, I'd probably be slapped. Blessings!

  6. Great doodles. Cecil had lots of personality. Amazing what can be expressed in a doodle.


  7. cecil looks like a less than angelic angel :) hahaha! what a lot of character he has! excellent - i love him :)

    i like to do the kind of doodling your second one it, just moving that pen and filling with color. sometimes i just need to relax that way :)

  8. Happy Solstice - thank you for sharing your card. Such whimsy - her smile is the sun! :)

  9. You are braver than me asking if you can take someone's photo - it's perfect for your postcard too.

    I love both your doodles - Cecil reminds me of Punch from Punch & Judy and I just love that shaped one.


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