Thursday, 1 March 2012


The idea that using photographs for your artwork is 'not art' has thankfully passed, though a lot depends on the way the photo is used - will it be a direct copy, or an original idea that is sparked by the photograph you have taken.

Looking through pictures taken at a Safari Park quite a while ago reminded me of a very happy day and there were two that immediately captured my imagination.  Perhaps the space of time since I took the photos let me see them for the ideas they gave me, rather than seeing them as actual animals.  Here's a deer - what kind of deer I can't remember, but I don't suppose he'll mind.

The shapes and shadows on his body appealed to me, and this is the sketch I drew.

Taking it one stage further, I liked him so much that I painted him in acrylic on the front of a Journal made from watercolour paper - a nice scruffy journal book that encourages me not to worry about doing marvellous pieces of art, but just to enjoy myself.

And just one more on the subject of photographs and art.  In an earlier blog I showed a photo of an old Victorian postbox, and a photo-collage I used it in.  This is a little sketch painted from the collage.

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