Monday, 12 March 2012


Yesterday was a doodling sort of day.  I just couldn't settle to anything, so after a bit of desk tidying (i.e. moving things from the desk to a shelf, having moved things from that shelf on to the top of other things 'waiting to be sorted') I decided just to play around.  

First of all I sketched some shoes.  I love shoes.  Oh, if only I could still wear the four inch heels I used to run up and down eight flights of stairs in several times a day when I was working.  It was actually quicker than waiting for the only lift.

I liked what I had done, but of course it was only on a piece of copying paper, so I cut around it and stuck it on a painted journal page in my really messy journal, like this.  I think I'd buy the red ones, and bright shiny red patent would be just marvellous!

In amongst the things that had littered my desk was a background page, randomly painted and 'splodged' with spattered dots and faint smears of red.  It was a page I wasn't happy with, particularly with the colours, but suddenly among the smears of paint I saw a little girl and a bird sitting on cushions.  So I started drawing around the shapes I saw in my mind, and they came to life.  I just wish I had thought of scanning the original background page, but of course I didn't think of that until afterwards.

Here's the little girl with her pet bird, sitting comfortably on their cushions while she reads a story to him.  I never know how images like this appear in the mind from random shapes - just as it is difficult to look at many abstract paintings without the mind trying to turn the shapes into objects.

So it wasn't a wasted day after all!

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