Friday 9 March 2012


Lovely sunny day today.  Days like this seem so rare that we try to go out and grab the sun while we have the chance.  Today it was a visit to a café bar we like right by the canal, and I decided that I would try to sketch a whole e-journal page on my I-phone.  Very quickly done while we drank black coffee and ate ... well actually toast and marmalade, but it was much more interesting to sketch a cup-cake.  Here's the 'page'.

When I got home I did a journal page as a reminder of a happy occasion, and I included a reduced size copy of the e-page - and a very realistic sketch of the two of us!

I wish I knew if anyone else is (a) sketching/painting on their I-phone and (b) sketching whole e-journal pages on it.  Are you out there???

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