Saturday, 19 May 2012


Went to the Wildfowl and Wetland Centre (one of our favourite haunts) a week or so ago.  I am always quite tickled by this sign.

I was trying to find a particular image to match one of the pages in the Mess book, which says to find examples of a mess or imperfection in nature.  I've thought about this page quite a lot, and decided there are no messes in nature - whenever I think I've found one I've realised it's only a mess because of the intervention of mankind/womankind.

The whole area around here looked a mess, but it only proved my point - it looked a mess because the plants had been cut back by the staff at the Centre.  The plant remnants themselves were fabulous.  Lovely curly whorls, like rolled up calligraphy scrolling.

This was the nearest I could get to a mess, but the trouble is I LIKE it.

The ducks had had a lovely time in the mud at the edge of one of the lakes, squelching around in their bare feet.  

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  1. Hi Jez - I like the picture of the ducks feet in the mud! - that's a great inspiration for creating a texture! x


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