Tuesday, 8 May 2012


This is the story of my panoramic mess.   The picture above is just a small out-take section - I love it.

The instructions in the book were to create an extra-long page by taping extra paper to the page in the book.  I decided I wanted an extra-wide page (why obey instructions) to do a panoramic landscape.  The idea of plain paper didn't appeal and I used two McDonald bags, saved from when we had a blueberry muffin the other day - and I knew the bags would come in useful somehow.

 Of course I made a mess to start with.  Instead of cutting down one side of the bags and opening them out, I cut down each side and then had to think of a way of sticking them together again.  Glue and tape would not take the sloshes of paint I planned to throw on them, so I stapled them together and onto the book. When the completed pages are folded into the book, this is what you can see:

And when the extra bag pages are opened out, this is what the panorama looks like - it measures 36 inches (almost a metre).  It's a bit small to see here, so I'll show the three sections after this.

 Here's the left-hand side:

and the centre two pages of the book:

and then the right hand section:

I am really quite pleased with it, never done anything like it before, and I really had a lot of fun.

Husband said 'Well, it's different!  But you planned on making a mess, and you've made a mess, so you've been successful.'


  1. This is SO, SO great!!! I love seeing all the different pics and reading how it was all put together... Genius! (And actually a very beautiful mess, in my opinion!)

    I would love to see this in person :)


  2. Thank you Kristin for your lovely encouraging comment. Wish you could see it and perhaps even drive your car wheel over it, but it's a long way from Buffalo.

  3. I think your husband is being a bit harsh... I think this looks amazing... I want to do that page now...xx

  4. D's joke! He even says my mess art is now rubbing off on him and changing the way he paints and draws. Glad you like it, I want to see yours.

  5. I Love it! Now I want to do that!!!
    Great color!

  6. I'm with Kristin - it's a very beautiful mess!

  7. I love the blown up section in blue. Who would think that such a "mess" could look so beautiful. Love your work Dev.


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