Saturday, 26 May 2012


I just haven't been able to draw or paint these last few days.  Every time I get the paints and paper out my energy and creativity just go blank, and I just put them away again, and end up shuffling papers around, pretending to tidy them.

But one thing my mind is able to concentrate on and enjoy is taking photographs with my I-Phone and my new I-Pad.  Today I had fun just playing about.  This is the first photograph I have tried taking with my I-Pad - a little more awkward than the phone, but greater possibilities.

I was really wowed with this, taken using the Photo Booth App, which has a variety of different distortion effects that work when actually taking the photos.  I just pointed the Pad's camera lens out of the window using theThermal Camera distortion effect, and was amazed at what appeared on the screen.  No changes made, nothing added, just a bit taken off the side and bottom where I accidentally included the window frame.

Encouraged by this I tried out another effect - Squeeze.

We grow strange oranges here in Lancashire.

The next one was rather weird.  I used my I-Phone camera with just the straight photo - no special effects and no alterations.  I was trying to take a pic of a bright red geranium bloom, and was surprised when this appeared on the screen.

In fact the sun was far too bright through the window (a different window), and when I tried again to get the real red effect the cluster of flowers had no definition.  How the bright sun produced this effect is a mystery, but the end result pleases me.  A good day, and I felt I had been able to carry out some artistic endeavour.


  1. that's so much fun! I could see myself taking a thermal-cam photo and turning it into a painting. I have no skill at painting realistic things, but I love the almost-abstract nature of that picture. this might be a really useful tool for inspiration! the squeeze one is really cool, though I hope no one ever does that to a picture of my face!

  2. Lovely pics with you Photo Booth App.


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