Wednesday 16 May 2012


Daughter No 2 arrived with a pretty bunch of (silk) flowers she had just been given by her friend David Beckham Doyle - she told him she would pass them on to me, so thank you David.  The surprise flowers worried me a bit - am I sicker than I thought?  Here's a photo from above:

While the photo (from above) is not much, it gave me something to play with on Photoshop.   This one is using the Cut-Out filter: 

I really liked this - it looks like a flock of stylised birds - very stark against the black background.

And this was using the Find Edges filter - one of my favourites.

What does this suggest to you?  I love using Photoshop in this way because it provides inspiration for drawing and painting.

I'm off now to translate some of the ideas into a drawing or painting!


  1. I am computer challenged did you take a class to learn your photoshop or just jumped in?

  2. About 16/17 years ago I took an evening class with a fantastic teacher who worked in the industry, and have been playing with it ever since. I think it's well worth taking even the most basic course, because it's not easy to pick up (well, for me it wouldn't be). Lot of help if you look up on Google. Unless you are a pro (like my photographer daughter) the Photoshop Elements version, which is much cheaper, is fine.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed at what you did with those flowers. The photograph from above makes them look real! David will be pleased that they brought you pleasure :-)

  4. My daughter tells me;

    "If you write Dana's name as it appears on Facebook but with an @ in front of it, no space, then you will have tagged her and she will know to look here." in case you don't see my answer to your query about Photoshop. Hope it works.

    @Dana @Sinderella Studio Designs


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