Friday 4 May 2012


I'll just start with a very quick sketch done in MacDonalds of a chap absorbed in working on his I-Pad on the way to a show/exhibition last week near Liverpool, and then carry on with the Messy Dresses. 

We had a lovely day at the show - which started well because a lady gave us a free ticket just as we were about to go in.  Apart from buying 'stuff' which is bound to come in useful when we are painting, the best fun was looking at the exhibition section and talking to the people on the stands.

This was a good exhibit - dresses made by students on a fashion course at Liverpool Community College, together with photos showing models wearing the clothes.  This dress is made from Tesco plastic bags -

and here's a close up of the waist area showing the complicated plaiting and stitching.  I was really impressed.

This one is made with black plastic bin bags and bits of mirror -

not too sure if this next one is a dress, an apron or a swimming costume, but it's a good bit of collage -

At the other end of the fashion continuum was an exhibit of some of the costumes from the historical TV 'soap' Downton Abbey.  Not a program I watch, but I love historical costumes.  I just wish I'd had time to do some sketching, but thank goodness for a camera.

A good day out, worth the journey.

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