Saturday, 31 May 2014


I have missed taking part in challenges for the past couple of weeks so much, and so I am determined to make an effort today, even though it is an effort.

At Three Muses the challenge is 'Get Ahead, Get a Hat'.  Marilyn and Archibald had their photo taken specially to show off their new hats.  They assured the hat-maker that they were delighted with them, but somehow the photographer just didn't quite capture that emotion.  They either need a new milliner or a new photographer. ……. or both.

In the next picture the apple-cheeked lady is my offering for both Try it on Tuesday and Moo Mania.

Moo Mania asks for the use of corrugated cardboard.  I scanned the corrugated at an angle to give diagonal stripes and changed the colour to blue digitally, then added the green background digitally as well.  I then assembled the whole image on Photoshop.  She may not be able to tell her dots from her stripes, but still, she looks a happy lady.

And for Try it on Tuesday Dotty wanted to have her say on the subject of 'Feminine and Fancy'.  Dotty's always been a bit of a feminist who doesn't see why she has to wear frills, furbelows and feathers to show her femininity - and she's had 5 husbands and 12 children so it works for her!  She always likes to be a bit different from the rest, and I think she may well find that she achieves her aim in the TIOT Feminine and Fancy challenge.

Both the Hats card and the Dotty lady card were originally made to send to my dear friend Karen Isaacson at I am Rushmore a while ago, and I hope she will excuse me for re-using them for these challenges given the way I am feeling just now.

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  1. these are awesome! she is totally welcome at femine and fancy as Dotty is most certainly both. thank you for joining us at TIOT.EE

  2. Both pieces are great art works, Jezz! I Love those images and the composition.
    I hope you're well soon and it doesn't be serious.
    Hugs, Mar

  3. The Dotty lady card is so fantastic and absolutely perfect for the challenge, thank you for joining us at 'Try it on Tuesday'.
    Hugs, Mar

  4. I love both pieces... wonderful collages in my mind!
    Thank you for joining Corrugated Cardboard over at
    Moo Mania & More!
    happy Sunday!

  5. Hello Jez! And thank you for your comments, they are always so kind and make me happy.
    You have done great cards. There are humour and messages.
    Hope you are well soon,
    Happy Sunday,

  6. Great pieces Jez...good for you doing these challenges even though you aren't quite up to it!!
    Summer of color and Icads is starting too!! Always lots to look forward to!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Yes, she is certainly thanks for playing with us at TIOT.
    Hugz, Z

  8. thank you for the kind words, beautiful work,,, take care of yourself!

  9. Hey Jez! Quite an interesting interpretation of the hat challenge. Left me with a smile!

  10. This is fun interpretation of the challenge! Thanks for joining us at TIOT, Valerie

  11. Re-purposing your own art is always permissible, especially when you do it so humorously! Glad you were able to participate in your challenges, but I'm so sad that you're still not feeling well.

  12. Hi Jez so glad you are trying to keep up with the challenges I know how hard it is and it is wonderful to see you keeping your sense of humour all the way through. I am not sure who that wonderful lady is but she reminds me of someone close! I hope you are keeping well and i am glad to see you create. Hugs ManonXxx

  13. I admire your determination to work on your artwork, even if it's an effort. I once read that Matisse found his love for art when he was having medical issues, and you know how that story ended. Anyway, I like both your pieces, but I'm especially tickled by your second one. That face and the pattern you created for the background are fantastic. Blessings, my friend!

  14. Those hats are laugh out loud funny, Jez. Take a bow my friend.

  15. Your hat picture and description is so amusing, brilliant work, and I love your corrugated, spotty and stripy digital lady, very creative.
    Hope you are feeling much better.


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