Sunday 11 May 2014


'School of Fish' - Jez
Mixed Media
 This is my entry for the Art Journal Journey theme of "Circles".
I enjoyed painting this once I came up with an idea - plenty of circles there, I think.

I'm having great problems with my internet connection.  I've had no connection for several days, and before that it kept going on the blink temporarily.  The problem is not actually with the internet, but because my telephone has been out of order for days, and BT told me they "hope to have it fixed by the end of 15th May"!

'Flowers for All' - Jez
Pitt Pen and Watercolour
And this pretty lady in the middle of a field of mini-sunflowers
is my entry for the Opus Gluei theme of Flowers For All.  
I think there should be enough flowers there for everyone.

BT even added insult to injury by giving me an internet site on which I could check the progress of the problem - but that's my problem I can't get on to the internet!

Trying to find a PERSON to talk to is almost impossible.  Everything is automated and every time I try to find a person to complain to they refer me to the same number that is impossible because it is automated.  No internet, no email, no anything.  Hardly good service.

So it seems I will be absent until then, and I apologise for not visiting and commenting, but I shall be around as soon as I can.

My daughter has kindly let me visit this afternoon and use her wireless connection, but I have to go now.  See you soon, I hope.


  1. I don't know where you find the time, Jez, to do these beautiful detailed pieces. Your talent is incredible. We always love to have you join us at Opus Gluei!

  2. Oh Jez - BT are a nightmare when things go wrong. We've certainly had that experience. I really feel for you - hope everything gets sorted for you sooner rather than later.

    Just love both your pieces today - the fishies make me smile both at the pun and because my eldest has been driving us mad researching uni places (she wont rule ANY out!) And the second one - the shape of her pleases me very much - something about her, with her raised knee - love her.

  3. I am sorry about your problems..but that is mostly the same dilemma everywhere with the internet service provider...frustrating!
    I hope for you it will go smoothley soon !

    Thank you for sharing with us at AJJ!

  4. Amazing journal page, Jez, really love it. And the "pretty lady" is a very cute painting, I especially like how you made the flowers.

  5. Hope you get it resolved quickly Jez, I understand it's so frustrating not being able to talk to someone direct. I love your fish they are so cute. There certainly is an abundance of flowers in flowers for all! Clever use of the sunflower colours to make up her outfit :)

  6. Great page love the little fishes.x

  7. You have made lovely art, Jez. Love the delicate style of both. The huge member of cute flowers is amazing!

  8. I love your circle fish what a great imagination you have and they are so cute with all there unique patterns and colors.

  9. All your little fish are adorable especially the cheeky one who objects to going round in circles, very amusing, Jez, and beautifully illustrated.
    What a lot of sunflowers and what a stunningly drawn lady and basket, you have such a talent for this.
    I feel your BT pain, exactly the same thing happened here for far too long. Only consolation I can offer you is that other suppliers can be much, much worse!

  10. Oh Jez I can feel your frustration-it seems that most large companies are like this these days. I tried getting through to HMRC recently and had to give my national insurance number to a robot lady who just didn't understand my irish accent! I ended up putting in an English accent and she understood me straightaway then! ! Your circle fish are cute and that flower lady is so pretty-she looks like s a Disney princess! How you're Internet is sorted soon. X

  11. why the heck do they do that........check it out on line, when you have no line...........such a load of numbskulls. Love both of your paints and the fish quote is Happy PPF, Annette x

  12. Oh Jez there is such a monopoly on those services with hardly any recourse when they act up! Sorry for the trouble...I know it's your beautiful window to the world! More time to create I guess!

    Lots of fun the school of fish and the flowers for all....good job!! Very pretty! Best of luck on your service!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. well, I hope by now all is well with your phone and internet Jez. Your painting are both so fun and colorful-great use of circles:)!

  14. AAahhhh there seems to be a lot of internet problems since the last two big viruses that hit. Hope you can get it fixed soon.
    Now for your art. Wow I love this woman. All those flowers are so pretty.
    Hope the pc problems get solved soon

  15. Wonderful! I really like the pose of your woman - so beautifully done :)

  16. love your flower lady and the expression on her face. When we have trouble with the internet, it's only then that we realize how dependent we are on it. Bit scary I think .... Hope your problems will be solved real soon!

  17. Your lady is lovely Jez, as to the internet, how infuriating! especially when they asked you to check online! Once i had a crossed line for two weeks, in the end I was taking messages for the family we were crossed with and vice versa! BT seemed in no hurry to sort out the problem. Hope it is fixed soon.

  18. Any technical problems make me a little crazy so I can relate to your frustrations. Thanks for the efforts to show your latest works of art. Both are different from each other but so uniquely you. I love the movement, colors and humor in the fish.


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