Thursday 8 May 2014



A trio of challenges today, starting with Mix it Monthly, where the challenge is 'Coffee, using a certain colour range', and this is my entry along with a couple of verses to make the coffee taste even better:


I love coffee, I love tea,
I love the Java Jive and it loves me.
Coffee and me, makes me happy you see -
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup of coffee.

I love coffee, I love tea,
I love the coffee shops and they love me.
Coffee and me, and the Barista makes three,
We really love a cup or mug of coffee!

(Words from Milton Drake's lyrics, very much adapted by me - with apologies to Milton)

Anyone around my age will probably remember the catchy tune that this song was sung to)


Over at Inspiration Avenue the challenge subject is 'Water', a nice theme that can be interpreted in many ways:

My entry is Dashing Darren Duck in his smart red cap and turquoise tie,  dressed in his best and ready to meet the ladies.


Ladderlegs is my sketch for the So Artful challenge of Friendly Monsters.  He was never happy about his unusual legs until he visited the park one day and found everyone wanted to be his friend.  He's so happy that he's made the park his permanent home.

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  1. I have to start with your Friendly Monster as he is so good, I'm not surprised everyone want to be his friend, even apart from his unusual legs. Thanks, Jez, for making him and sharing him with everyone at Soartful.
    Who wouldn't love Dashing Darren Duck, he is certainly giving me the eye and I like his dashing bright colours.
    And i do like your coffee picture very much, a super illustration for a difficult subject and colour combination.

  2. These are great Jez. Love the coffee theme and ladder legs is awesome. Very nice job on all. Have a great weekend.

  3. Great work - the horse/giraffe-piece is really cute!

  4. I love this post...and coffee too...and tea at night!! I think my parents sang this song...because I am humming oddly along... Awesome fun monster and duck..but the coffee has my heart... love it!! I have to post the mug I did this week...also about coffee love!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I'm cutting down my tea (by at least half) which means my coffee intake has doubled... um... not sure that's the effect I was going for but there we go ;) I love your pieces again this week. Your friendly monster just makes me smile - no wonder he's made so many friends.

  6. Ha! That giraffe is so cute with his striped legs and funny colors. Really sweet :)

  7. It is so good with fun postings which make us smile. I like your poem and your sketches. Great, Jez!

  8. Very creative ideas! Love them, especially ladder legs! *

  9. So much fun! I loved the lyrics to the coffee song! Great artwork around all your topics.

  10. wonderful illustrations Jez- and what a fun, fun piece-"The Friendliest Monster in Town" -love it!

  11. I was reading this and wondering how I knew this song. Google told me it was the Inkspots from 1940. Did my mother sing it? My grandmother? and then it (embarrassingly) hit me - it was used in American television commercials for "Sanka" in the 1980s. So much for my deep cultural knowledge...

    Ladderlegs is delightful and has made my day.

  12. Awww! Ladderlegs! He is so utterly charming and fantastically rendered! Your duck is fantastic, too, with his jaunty cap!

  13. These are awesome!!!!! I doooo love coffee! The water has great movement and the giraffe very cute.
    Well done on the mix.

  14. The coffee set is very stylish, right to the taste of my husband! :-)
    We like a few cups of coffee during the day!
    And your monster Ladderlegs is just amazing! I love his violet and brown colours!
    Happy PPF to you Jez!

  15. Nice collection of art work. Adore your Ladder Legs, too cute! The duck is a cutie as well ! All very lovely.

    Annabelle : )

  16. Hee hee, love Ladder Legs. He looks very friendly! And the colors on the coffee set are wonderful, the turquoise and the brown. I LOVE coffee too :)

  17. Your sketches added light into my day. Ladderlegs is my favorite. When I was younger and very gullible someone told me that giraffes had spotted tongues. That endeared me to the tall gangly creatures. Yours is particularly fun!

  18. Wonderful! I love Darren Duck, and the ladder legs giraffe is inspired! How did you ever think of it!? else would you climb up on a giraffe?? I think he IS a giraffe, but someone in his family must have been a horse lol!

  19. Hi Jez, Great drawing of coffe. I like colour combination and lovely verses, Brilliant!
    Duck is really a "gentleman", very nice! And the Friendly Monster with your unusual legs are really a excellent work, so happy and fun. What imagination!

  20. Your monster is wonderful! such whimsey! You are very talented, thanks for being soartful with us!

  21. Love it all, but the friendly monster and his story is my fav. Wonderfully playful!

  22. oh Jez, I love your imagination. With art, with words, .... you always amaze me. Love those ladder legs :-D

  23. love coffee too, and that giraffe cracked me up Jez!! You have such a fabulous imagination. Hope you've been well. I'll write soon, now that i'm done work. xx


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