Monday 18 March 2013


Life's not easy.  Give me back my pen, my markers, and my Inktense pencils, they do what I ask them to.  Once again I was out of my comfort zone with my efforts this week for Kristin Dudish's Tutorial Tryout - but then, that's the whole purpose of doing it..

Still, I produced something, even if it was rather different from the tutorial, learnt something on the way, and produced a variation on the themes that I can investigate further.

So all in all, it turned out to be quite successful.


Using shiny card and a bit too much acrylic paint for the stencil
with blue watercolour for the 'paintover'

Rather stumped with this one right away because the resist used was Krylon Foil.  This was new to me so I Googled it but was still rather stuck because in spite of the name 'Foil', it seemed to be a spray paint.  Not something I have on my art shelves, but when in doubt do something different to try to match the tutorial.

Since it seemed to be a spray paint I decided to use a white pearlised acrylic paint instead, and painted this through a simple stencil I had made.  I made a few versions using shiny card, ordinary card, and paper, and the following few examples show the more successful ones, after they were completed.

Using paper painted over with watercolour paint.

This yellow one above was done in the same way, but using much less paint for the stencilled shape.  When the stencilled paint was dry I painted the whole piece with watercolour paint, using Quinacridone Gold, a rich yellow that is one of my favourites, shading from an orangey-brown down to a really goldy yellow.

This blue one was also on shiny card, varying the amount of paint used for the stencil
and over-painting with ultramarine and cobalt blue watercolour.  
Then I thought I would jazz it up with lots of drips.

I like this particular section of the drippy blue version.

For this red and yellow version with another of my own stencils
 I surrounded the acrylic design with a resist of white candle wax
- the stencil pattern shows up the same colour all across 
- just bad lighting for the photo.  

Every finished piece I did produced a quite unexpected result, and will prove useful for something like a collage background.  I was interested in the results, and felt they were worth the effort of struggling how to replicate the concept of the Krylon Foil.


I was not quite as successful with the Vaseline resist technique, but I'm always prepared to exhibit my failures - MY failures, not the fault of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, who demonstrated the technique.

The first two efforts were rather disappointing.

I stencilled the Vaseline on 'leftover' pieces of light card
that had already been painted,
 one with various colours, overpainted with blue, yellow and green acrylic 
and the other with pale blue, overpainted with yellow.

On the plus side the technique wasn't quite as messy as I had feared, but before I started I wondered whether it would produce a finished piece that didn't have any greasy residue.

In the end, when I had overpainted the resist and wiped away the Vaseline I found that it had dulled down the colours, turning the diamond shapes a mucky grey.  A little disappointing.

Perhaps I didn't follow the instructions correctly because even though I wiped the Vaseline away as much as I could the whole card had a rather greasy feel to it.  Once again, my failure not the tutorial.  This last one below left me feeling happier.

Another of my own stencils used for this.
I feel the final piece has a 'shabby chic', vintage feel.
Another of my own stencils.

For this one I used a page of an old book which I had at some time painted green, and mounted the finished piece on a piece of matching green card, and I was happy with it. 

Check out Kristin's blog for the details about Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Vaseline Resist and Christine Adolf's Krylon Foil Resist techniques and the generous artists who created the tutorials - thank you ladies I appreciated the tutorials and happy that I worked through them. 


  1. This looks very interesting stuff Jez, never used this type of foil, I'm going to do a little research now to find out more about it! I don't think the vaseline ones were a let down at all! Vaseline resist looks very exciting.. :)

  2. I like how they all turned out, but of course I'm not there to feel the greasy Vaseline on the cards...I love the red one too!! Orange is beautiful too... A very nice sample of work Jez!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. this really makes me want to try those techniques! I love the blue one with all the drips.

  4. I think these are really fun and interesting. The colors are really beautiful! I do like your tags, even if the green is duller than you like. They blue drippy one is so cool! Thank you for your comments on my "fracturing"! :>)

  5. I have to say that I love the results from your experimentation - the textures you have created are out of this world! (I actually like them better than the original Krylon resist tutorial.)

    I am also so, SO impressed by your textile piece in the post below - Wow! I wish I could sew... The truth is, I am completely intimidated by the sewing machine... I might have to face that fear and look up a sewing tutorial at some point...

    Your post for the "Tell Me About Yourself" challenge was wonderful - I think I might be a little afraid to ask my loved ones what their thoughts are! Ha!


    p.s. I liked being able to get a glimpse into your sketchbook for "Charming Charlie" (And, of course I LOVED your poem!)

  6. You have got some great results from this technique. I love trying new things, even if you think you'll never use them again, there may come a time when you think "I know what I'll do!!" lol

  7. Jez, everything looks fabulous to me! I applaud you for trying new things...BRAVO!

  8. It is good for the brain to try new techniques : ) I think these are lovely. they would make great backgrounds for a collage or even to scan them ans use they as a digital layer,

  9. Gorgeous backgrounds you have created!

  10. Stunning results, I avoided the mess of vaseline, but I do want to try it at some stage. I love the way your experiments came out. I want to try your version of the experiment now!! :)


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