Friday 1 March 2013


Acrylic on A2 paper.   Jez

Modigliani is one of my favourite artists, and I'm never happier than when drawing or painting one of his beautiful ladies, making changes here and there as I feel like it.

The next one is just a bit of fun.  If I'm using acrylics, I usually end the day with spare paint on my palette, and this image is just one way of using up spare paint. It can take two, three or four weeks, depending on whether I am using acrylic paint,  and goes on until I figure it is finished.

Acrylic on A3 paper.  Jez

For this version I used the Modigliani idea of a woman's profile at the right-hand side of the page, and painted without any initial drawing.  My 'rules' were that I must use up all the leftover paint on my palette, but only leftover paint, no sneaking fresh paint in.

The first time I did this I found it very inhibiting to have to use colours that didn't seem to be right for the image.  But I'm a bit of a rule-follower, so I always make myself just slap it on with a large bristle brush, not worrying about whether it is 'good art'.

This out-take from the lady above shows the mix of colours that emerged in the background.  The colours were not what I would usually choose, but in the end it's quite a lively painting.  I'm happy with it.

Dev and I often take turns to invent some kind of silly painting game to loosen up a little before getting started on a painting session.  My turn to choose the game for the next two images, with a challenge to paint a lady in ten minutes - no initial drawing.

Acrylic paint on A2 paper.  Jez

I cut a small black and white picture out of the newspaper - a baby wearing sunglasses and a spotted baby suit out.

I photocopied it so that we had one each and set the timer for ten minutes.  Then it was all go from choosing colours to finishing before the alarm went.

I'm really happy with Miss Maisie Wannabe Liz-lookalike.  She makes me smile and she would never have visited me without this game.

And here's Dev's version:

Acrylic on A2 paper.   Dev

Dev boasts of his Miss Maud, Model in the Making, that the eyes can just be discerned behind the dark glasses on the actual painting.

He's happy with it because it's a reminder of the fun we have when we are in our studio together.

Try it, it's a fun way to loosen up, and who cares what it looks like!


  1. Both of you are having lots of fun! :-) I like Modigliani as well, but his story is a bit of a sad one, like many other artists.

  2. What a fun post Jez!! I love the babies turned Liz wannabes!! I do the same with my left over paint... but I usually just make backgrounds!!

    Thanks for the fun idea!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I love Modigliani's work too, and love your first interpretation, with all it's crisp lines. I love the 10-minute painting idea too, and will have to try it sometime. Blessings!

  4. Lve the strong Modigliani image, would have made a good subject for the Blorange challenge.

  5. i love these Jez!! Especially the second one! Fabulous work. Such strong color combinations! xox


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