Friday 22 March 2013


'I CAN FLY' is Jenn's challenge for Collage Obsession this week.  But as I have two characters on my collage I've stretched the point a little and my collage is called:


These are close-up portraits of the two fishy ladies in my 'We Can Fly' story.  Meet  Mag and Lola. Here they are, meeting up for a good old gossiping session:

This is a completely digital collage, produced on Photoshop.  It's really just a doodle for my Doodling Doggerel series, even though it's completely digital, because it was so quickly and easily done, and I just enjoyed making it.

The fish (minus fishy wings) were from 'The Aquarium Fish Handbook' by David Goodwin.  The 'wings' were enlarged and distorted fancy fins taken from other fish in the book.

We've had a small aquarium with a few guppies in our time for the children when they were young, but they got upset (the children, not the guppies) when the fish floated belly-up.  I suppose the guppies got pretty upset too.

And I remember when I was a child, my mother would give us a few rags to take out to the Rag and Bone man, and we'd get a goldfish in exchange.  We would take an empty jam-jar out with us to collect it - no such things as plastic bags then.  My, we were environmental before we even knew the word!

And the clouds are the pièce de resistance.  Who does clouds better than anyone?  Magritte of course.  So I went and had a quick word with him and he kindly obliged.


Mag and Lola, flying high
Having problems, wonder why.

They're both preggers - soon be mums,
Three thousand eggs in both their tums.

Flying's hard, they're tired as well,
Their figures are just shot to hell.

When their eggs are laid
And they're feeling thinner,
They'll fly off into town
For a "Bird and Chip" dinner.

(Well, they can hardly have a "Fish and Chip" dinner, can they!)


  1. Hi Jez!
    Your fishy collage is brilliant - I wonder what they are saying? The poem made me laugh out loud over my morning cuppa but thankfully there was no one around to see coffee come out my nose! I enjoyed browsing your blog. We seem to have a lot in common - age, adventures with the rag n bone man to name a few.

  2. Adorable, brought a huge smile to my face!! Love your day you'll have a kiddies book... Although you may have to edit out the hell...however I'd let any kid of mine read it!! Thanks for spreading the joy!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Oh I was already smiling at Mags and Lola but that poem just had me chuckling out loud. Oh I do feel for them having 3000 babies, my figure is shot to pieces after just 4. (We wont think of an excuse as to why it was before...)

  4. p.s I'm getting terribly spammed by spammers too - Blogger used to be good at catching them but loads are slipping through lately - at least 4 a day if not more! I may have to switch on verification soon too. Does annoy me - what do they get out of it? Off to do dinner - shall be back to catch up with the rest tonight :)

  5. Wow...Rene Magritte Clouds Jez!! ;) Very clever collage. Very pleased to hear Mag and Lola are off for a KFC! your poems always make me smile. Thanks for the kind comments on my last post.

  6. this just might be your best doggerel yet!

  7. Hahahaaha Jez this is wonderful. I just can't stop looking at the fish, you say it was simple but it is that makes this so wonderful. Love your art as always! Hope you are well big hug from me gorgeous lady!


  8. Hahaha! This is one of my favorites from your doodling doggerel series - a "bird & chips" dinner... Priceless!


  9. Love you flying fish picture and the poem just cracked me up.


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