Tuesday 26 March 2013


The APR Challenge from Jenn at Artist's Play Room this week is FLIGHT.  As soon as I saw the title my mind went blank, because last week's challenge for Collage Obsession was 'I Can Fly'.  So no new ideas came to mind.

Today's Art Tip:  When in doubt, paint an abstract.  So I got out the acrylics and decided to let my paintbrush take the lead and see what happened.  This is what my hand and the paintbrush obligingly produced:

'Flight' - Acrylic on paper     Jez

I don't think I would have produced this if I had applied conscious thought to the painting.

 I would say it's 'not my style', but Dev often tells me that 'my style' is not to have a style, but always producing something different, yet recognisably mine.  I think that's a compliment.

 To me the painting gives the feeling of the birds flying home - into darkness!!  Creepy.

As so often happens, I took the image into Photoshop to play around with colour changes.  This red version has something, but it doesn't work for me.

I learn a lot about colour and what does work for me and what doesn't by making colour changes in Photoshop, and it's interesting how the change of colour also changes the 'story'.  I know an abstract is an abstract, but so often it's a case of 'Every picture tells a story'.

This purple and blue version is a bit more interesting, and I like the combination of the purple and blue.

While I prefer the original colours, I do like this blue one.  It makes me think that if the dark colours on the left were mainly white it would give the feeling that it was about the sea.

Which one do you prefer?


  1. Lovely Jez, It is strange that we try to see images in abstracts. I love the blue one best becase it reminds me of a view on skye, It is called the kilt rock. You look over a vertical dark sea cliff at a waterfall, which drops vertically to the sea. Often there are seagulls circling below. I love your abstract work. I think you do have a style. You always use such rich vibrant colours. :)

    1. I like to think of your view of the blue one - we've been to Skye many, many years ago, but never seen what you describe. You make me wish I could see it - sadly, journeys are no further than Southport or Liverpool these days, but I have a good imagination and will imagine I have seen it! Thank you Morag, your comments always encourage me.

  2. the lovely blue one makes me think of a weather map - the birds are flying from the ocean over a land mass, with a storm blowing in.

  3. I am amazed that you could just "pull out" and abstract like this. Abstracts are an Achilles heal for me... painfully hard. I see Andy Goldsworthy is one of your fav. artists. We love him too! Watched a video by him recently - has the kids all inspired in the backyard:-)

  4. Those different takes on the abstract are breath taking! I like the pink one and I guess that tells you a lot about me :0

  5. I like the top one best, but I saw the birds flying into the yellow in spiral sort of way and the black swooshy area gives the allusion of speed. Love it!!

  6. I like the original the best and the blue is second. I love the feeling of flight in this piece.

  7. I think I prefer the blue one, it reminds me of looking down cliffs with the sea below. The reds and pinks gives me a feeling of something volcanic and the birds could be bits of volcanic rock. As always, you always add that extra bit of interest by playing with the colors :) x

  8. It's funny you say that about the sea because that's what the first one immediately made me think of. One of those huge surfers waves and capturing a glimpse of the birds through the tunnel of water.

    The original is my favourite and I so envy your style Jez, no matter what you do but especially your ability to let go of your conscious and do things like this. It's something I find so hard but so aspire to.

  9. Well I LOVE the second one which appears orange and pink on my end!! Love it and the next one as well!!I could stare at them all day long....I see birds flying during a sunset!! I love the depth that appears...and I love the color changes!! I think these are so cool Jez even if it's not your favorite way to create.

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I love the rainbowishness of the original and the last one DOES look like the sea with dunes to the left. this of course led me to thinking about how I, too, see and sometimes don't see BEcause of how I am looking or trying to see.
    I like that you allowed the full wave of flight hold your attention and play with this.

  11. I definitely like the colors in the original version the best. However, if I had to choose a digitally enhanced favorite, I would go with the pink and orange version. Blessings!

  12. just knocked up an awesome abstract .... just like that... that is very cool... not something I could do but you have managed it wonderfully... awesome post...xx

  13. So impressive Jez that this fantastic abstract just appeared! I could make one appear too but only if I purchased one from a local gallery!!! :$
    It's so exciting sometimes but also a little scary when we let rip...just to see what happens.
    I don't find your piece creepy at all...in fact I find it like a breath of fresh air.
    So vibrant and alive!
    A brilliant entry for flight. Thanks for sharing xoxo


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