Tuesday 22 January 2013


A few days ago I received a surprise gift in the post from Gina at http://daydreambeliever-gina.blogspot.co.uk .  It came on just the right day and cheered me up tremendously, and I wanted to share it with you.

It was a 10" x 8" blank journal that Gina had made and painted, and what a journal.  The painting on the front cover had the text 'Why would you cry ... when you could be singing with the Birds'.  And this is the back cover:

Inside the pages were all 300 gsm watercolour paper, my favourite paper for watercolour because it takes any hammering from loads of water, and some of the pages had fold-out additional pages.  I can't wait to get started in it.

There was also a lovely card and message, and I'm keeping the card tucked into the back fold.

This is such a lovely surprise gift, and I appreciate Gina's generous spirit and the lift it has given me at a difficult time.  Thank you Gina.


  1. What beautiful, thoughtful words, Im so happy your friend Gina was able to
    lift your spirits a little. Im sure I speak for all your blog friends when I say That we are thinking of you. Hope to see some fantastic Jez watercolour doodles on that lovely paper soon. x

  2. It's beautiful and such lovely wording. What a lovely surprise :-)

  3. Beautiful Jez, sending you much love x

  4. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift.
    Sending lots of love your way, Jez...



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