Friday 11 January 2013


This is a small section of another collage made a few years ago which I've Photoshopped with a filter, just for the fun of it.  

When I first heard Elvis on the radio, right back at the beginning of his fame, I thought the music and the singing were terrible - the shock of the new!

Then one day we were sitting in a café - on the radio Elvis was singing 'Blue Moon' and it was so beautiful I was converted.  

As pop music rapidly followed his style I came to appreciate his voice more - even when he sang 'Wooden Heart'.

This was actually an A3 collage, and this is the left-hand side.  I love the idea of Elvis painting the sculptures, and I'm sure he sang as he worked.  But he really should have worn an overall.

Here's the right-hand side:

In fact the two halves stand alone quite well.  I was just enjoying myself so much I carried on and on and had to cut the collage in half to fit it into my sketchbook.

I tried to marry the two halves again to give the full effect, but my skills of photographing each of them at exactly the same size, and even adjusting them on Photoshop were woefully inadequate.

Never mind, c'est la vie!  Hope you enjoy them.


  1. :) ... Elvis does look like he is having lots of fun, as he is using white paint maybe he ddn't mind about the jumpsuit..You should do more of these Jez they are brilliant, especially like the admiring looks the rambler is giving the dancer... made me lol :)

  2. Being born in 1977, my nickname when I was in my Mum's tum was Elvis... I thank goodness I was a girl though she always swore they would have given me his middle name and not his first name... Considering she actually named me Carmen Miranda I'm not sure I ever believed her...

    I'm really loving these collages, they look like real surreal paintings.

  3. I don't know about the size but they are so fun and I haven't clue how you did them!!

    I loved Elvis movies when I was a kid....but I was more of a Beatles fan. My daughter and sil went to Paul McCartney here in Vancouver as their Christmas present..they have seen all the old school rockers and new ones too! They said Pauls concert was their all time favorite!! They are still on a McCartney high almost a month later!!

    You are such a versatile artist!!It's so inspiring!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. That is so fun and original! You must be having a blast!

  5. I love that Elvis is painting the statues in one of his jumpsuits... So great... Actually, the whole collage is SO great (I could learn a lot about collage from you)!



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