Friday 4 January 2013


I'm still doodling and 'doodle-rhyming in my coffee breaks, which have rather more generous and flexible time allowances than I ever had in employment.

By popular request ..... well two people have said they like the doodles/poems enough to see more ....... here's another one, about Darren the Dread.  

Black Pitt pen and my favourite Inktense pencils, plus one of those brushes with a water reservoir in the barrel, and everything can be done on the cream sofas.

It's clear that Darren doesn't even like himself.  It's a good thing he's not one of twins.

                                   DARREN THE DREAD

                     Darren the Dread is a bit of a bruiser
                     Especially when he's been to the boozer
                     His favourite drink is Guinness with Rum -
                     And he's not all bad, 'cause he loves his Mum
                     And at times he can be a likeable fellow
                     He just looks tough - but he's totally yellow!

                     He quickly sees red when he's roused to ire                        

                     But give him a hug and it puts out the fire.

Anyone else out there with a doodle and a bit of doggerel?


  1. he looks just like my ex husband :) (well, apart from the nose tattoo)

    I like your doodlerhymes :)

  2. Boy it was fun to meet Darren the Dread, I love all his colors especially the red! Although he looks scary, and seems rather mad, I bet he's just emulating that of his dad!!

    Good job, entertaining!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Oh, Giggles, what a great 'poetic' comment. It really made Dev and me laugh. We needed that today after a hospital visit, so 'Ta muchly'..

  3. Thanks for making me smile :)Nice to know Darren has a soft centre :)

  4. that is exactly what I needed to read this morning... Guinness and run!!! that would be potent ... love Darren and his dreads and his Mum tattoo... wonder if Phantom would like to get one!!!

  5. Ha! Another great one, Jez! You create such great characters - both with words and pictures... Fantastic!!!



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