Wednesday 2 January 2013


Another day, another doodle.  Years ago I wrote a nonsense poem (no picture ) about 'Flannery Finn' for a magazine and the name stuck with me ..... but the only thing I remember about the 'poem' is the first line and the fact that it was fairly long.

So I decided to resurrect and doodle the odd, old, fellow with a portrait and a new verse.

In case you can't read my scrawl, here's the newly invented bit of doggerel, shorter than the original you'll be glad to know:

          Flannery Finn is a very strange fellow
          His hair is blue and his eyes are yellow
          He wears big boots on his size twelve feet
          And shakes the ground when he dances down the street.

Actually he thought he wasn't strange, just unusual and original ....... but he's just had the traumatic experience of seeing his first Picasso painting!

I think of the silly verses I often write to accompany a doodle as 'doodle doggerel'.

My personal rules (which I sometimes ignore to my cost) for creating doodles and doodle doggerel like this are: 

(1)   when you've scribbled the figure and coloured it, and still like 
        it, never go back to add something else - it only spoils it, and
(2)   scribble out your first ideas for the verse, leave it for a day or
        so, alter it if necessary, and then leave it alone.  It's only a bit

Rules, rules, rules.  That's the first time I've ever written them down, but I think I'm genetically programmed to invent rules if none exist.  Sad, sad, sad.  

As usual I like to take things a little further with Photoshop, and this Mr Finn has been digitally enhanced with a filter.  Happy doodling.

P.S.  In my 1st January post about Darcy Wilkinson's ARTFUL READERS BOOK CLUB I forgot to say that the idea was to select, in advance of 1st January, 12 unread books from our shelves (or Kindles) to read at the rate of one a month.  At the end of each month we then post a blog review plus a piece of artwork or craftwork inspired by the story.  A brilliant idea.  I've started reading my February choice and am really enjoying it.  It's a great challenge.  


  1. Happy New year!! A wonderful post with fun start to the year!!
    Love the art and rules....

    Hugs Giggles

  2. What a wonderful poem, and a great doodle drawing! this character feels fun! - have you any others bubbling away?
    Rules can always be translated to "rituals" I find :) and Happy Reading! x

  3. Oh Jez - I absolutely adore this! Your verse is such a great accompaniment to an already very fun drawing! This is a great idea... I might have to give it a try :)


    p.s. I would have pegged you as more of a rule breaker, not a rule maker! Hee hee!

  4. Hi Jez!

    Flannery Finn is a real Schiele'ish figure, very nice!
    It's cool to combine written and painted art.
    Sometimes we need to remember ourselves about the ways we found things done best, so why not write them down ;-)



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