Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Still finding it rather difficult to get myself down to any demanding drawing or painting - using spare energy to help Dev with necessary home jobs as much as I can.

So this is rather a lazy blogpost.  I thought I would post some images from my sketchbooks.  You may find the subject matter of most of them a little weird - but I like weird.

This was done at a portrait class where I liked to experiment with different ways of tackling the subject, and this is what I call a scribble drawing.  It's one of my favourites.

Now for something a little more off-beat.  I am really interested in ancient Egyptian art and artefacts, and this was drawn from a photograph - I didn't meet the gentleman in person.  I often think it's a shame that they weren't left in peace in their tombs as they wished.  Still, as long they are written about or drawn, they are remembered.

I find skulls interesting - we once had a sheep's skull that we found on a country walk, and oh! how I wish I had it to draw today.

For some reason this fellow looked happy, even though I he's only a plastic model, and I felt impelled to call him 'The Jolly Miller'.

I love playing about on Photoshop with my drawings or photographs, and this is an 'Andy Warhol' version:

Not a very good scan, for which I apologise.  And to finish, just a painting doodle.  I had done some wax painting and experimented with transferring some of the images onto water-colour paper.  This one came out as just grey blotches, but with a bit of work with my Inktense pencils this is the resulting doodle - Elephant Rears.


  1. Loved this post Jez! I liked your Andy Warhol version of the Jolly Miller!
    I particularly like the close-up of your scribble drawing, isn't it amazing what we can create with scribbly lines?
    Lots of love xx

  2. love your pharoah. and that's a brilliant transformation of gray blobs into elephant behinds.

  3. I think the fist two are good.

  4. those top two sketches are just amazing Jez and I hope yo see many more like that... you have captured the line and shape beautifully... very cool work...xx

  5. Love your "Warhol" skeleton!


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