Thursday, 14 June 2012


I'm rather tired today, but want to post and keep my mind moving, so I am working on the Blue Peter principle of 'Here's one I prepared earlier' .  (For overseas bloggers Blue Peter is a children's programme my girls loved when they were small, which includes making craft items - though I think it has just been discontinued after over 50 years).

I already had the photos for this post ready in a folder in my 'Blogs To Do' file from a while ago, and it seemed to me appropriate for the moment.  

The image started with a photograph of the door of an old house that I took years ago, and as usual developed from there rather than being planned.

So then the trees started to take over, and the birds flew in ... and it started to feel sad and a bit creepy, and I like to feel happy.

Before sticking the doorway (a doorway in the middle of nowhere?) on the page I had already decided the doors would open and something would be seen through.  Bingo, the idea came and I added a floating tag to carry the text.

The view inside the doors is part of a wax painting, also done some time ago.  (I forgot to include the right hand side black frame in the photo!)

Looking at it now it seems, as I said, very appropriate.  After being given the bad news so suddenly, the world is now brightening up again after the op, and I feel I can enter the world of colour and light again.


  1. how perfect for right now. I love the surprise burst of color when those doors open. plus I love anything that's interactive.

  2. I love your blog, I like pitures of old buildings and love the it opens up to bright colours.


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