Wednesday 20 June 2012


Have been trying each day to do a bit of doodling on the sofa (well, not actually on the sofa, but sitting there with my pencils, pens and pieces of background papers).  

Our new sofas were only delivered on Monday, after 14 weeks of waiting, so I have to be very careful not to get pen marks on the nice cream fabric.  With ordering them so long ago, even before the doctor suspected something was wrong, we had reached the point of wondering whether we would even like the design or the colour.  But very comfortable, so we're happy with them all round.

Doodling like this really suits me at the moment, and I love the way the images develop their own direction and turn out quite unexpectedly, like this one.  The important thing is to let the mind and hand wander quite freely without any conscious intervention.

I keep looking at this one and thinking 'is it finished?', but it keeps telling me it is quite happy as it is, so I've left it alone.  I don't know what it is, but it quite pleases me.

I turned the  pre-painted background to this one into a landscape with my Inktense pencils, but was not happy with it and couldn't doodle anything else on it.  Then the idea of painting the little girl on a separate piece of paper, cutting her out and sticking her on came to me, and the oyster bucket was amongst the scraps of collage on my side table.  I keep wondering what she's thinking and what she's going to do.  If she's walking, it looks like a long way home with the oysters.

Just for the interest of it, I used the Snapseed app to turn the image into monochrome to see how it looked.  I think I'm getting worried now about her walking home alone through this threatening landscape.

The next doodle is an object lesson in not letting the conscious mind interfere in the process and make independent decisions about the outcome - which is the only reason I'm including it.  

I started to doodle two tall curlicues and put it to one side for a while.  When I came back to it I started thinking 'oh, it's going to look empty down at the bottom of the paper, I'd better put something like flowers in', and the ugly flower things were the result.  

When I finished off the curly shapes, I was so annoyed that I had consciously interfered and messed up the doodle, and I really dislike it.

This is more like it!  Who's going to get the bigger surprise - will the frog really turn into a prince!

And the last one for today .....


  1. great way to spend your healing time! I like them all!!!! especially the one you don't like, the doodles with the flowers - it would make great notecards!!!
    I would not be allowed on cream colored sofas....dangerous girl I am with any type of writing instrument or drink!!!
    cheers, dana

  2. Jez you are doing more than a bit of doodling and you are nailing it... just gorgeous... I love the third one down and the curlicue one...the ones with words both made me smile, and I am glad you are getting some drawing time in... and very brave drawing on the new couch... I always think a piece of furniture isn't broken in till there is a mark on it but hope yours isn't broken in for a long time...xx

  3. Cream furniture is a very brave choice! Wouldn't last five minutes in this house!

    Good to see that you are using art to heal. I posted an excercise today in the class that you might find easy to doodle with and play at.

    Have you tried Zentangles and Mandalas. It's not something I've done but I suspect they are very relaxing and therapeutic.

  4. I love the blue doodling it look very relaxing.

  5. I'm with Carol - love the blue doodle!

  6. Oh, and cream sofas .... I'm waiting to be told off for breathing on them LOL My daughter and I are the accident prone people in our family!

  7. You've been busy! Wonderful sketches. Very imaginative and creative. I always end up drawing faces when I doodle... I have to break that habit since doodling is so awesome.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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