Friday 18 April 2014


A couple of Limeys - Jez
Pitt pen, coloured pencils and digital framing
The Three Muses this week asked us to create something using Turquoise and Lime Green.  I asked myself what I could paint with Lime Green, and the answer was obvious - Limes.  I even found that I had pencils labelled Lime Green and Turquoise in one of my many sets of coloured pencils, so it was meant to be.

When I was younger English people were often referred to as "Limeys", mostly by Australians and Americans.  This seems to have died out in favour of other nicknames.  The name Limeys was derived from the fact that from the 1800s the British Navy issued lime juice to their sailors to help prevent Scurvy, which is a rather nasty illness caused by lack of Vitamin C.   

Nothing like doodling - Jez
Acrylic paint
For the April challenge at Art Journal Journey the theme is Moments of Happiness.  I was stuck for a while because it can be interpreted in so many ways.  Inspiration struck when I was doodling with paint, and realised that doodling and colour - particularly yellow, orange and red - give me a lot of pleasure and many moments of happiness.  Who needs diamonds and couture clothes when we've got colour to play with!

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  1. Really I like the lovely "Limeys" and the beautiful color combo you've used. Here there are clear signs of a great sensibility. Excellent technique Jez! And... I enjoy watching your amazing moments of happiness. So impressed with your drawings.

  2. Fresh and beautiful.
    Happy Easter Jez xxx

  3. Love youe Limeys, those colours are so wonderful! Have a happy Easter! Valerie

  4. wonderful fresh artwork this week ez!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Art Journal Journey!

    Happy Easter weekend!

  5. Hi Jez. Love your Limeys! Happy Easter and weekend to you.

  6. Yes, color play is the best! I like what you did with lime and turquoise.

  7. Beautiful!!! I like these fresh colours!!

  8. Great job your limes actually look refreshing and your doodle look just like doodles...well done my friend.

  9. such a joyful color palette. stopping by has given me my own moment of happiness!

  10. I love a Challenge and I am doing the 100happyday challenge at the moment. I also am struck by how many different ways this can be interpreted. I love lime green and used to wear it a lot but it doesn't suit me as it used so it is nice to see it just on paper. It makes my mouth water and I guess my brain is speaking to the lime. Enough double Dutch now. I hope you are well and I just wanted to say how warmed I felt by your comment on how to create different drawing styles! Happy Paper Saturdays. ManonXx

  11. How did I miss this? - love your limes illustration and your colourful doodle.
    I agree with you - we who play with colour and paint are so lucky.


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