Friday 1 November 2013


I'm joining in with the November Art Every Day Month, and here's what I created today.

A quick unfinished sketch from an early morning walk up to the little wood at the top of our road.  This is a fairly neglected part of the woodland, some rocks, and the edge of a pool.  Drawn with a black pen which is not waterproof, so I was able to lick my finger and spread the ink a little - probably not hygienic at all.

When I got home I added just a little colour with watercolours.  

I've decided that, to make life a little easier, I'll make a post each Friday for Art Every Day with whatever I create during the week, whether it's 3 pieces or 7.


This week the challenge from Inspiration Avenue is 'Moustache Art', which fired my imagination straight away.
This is Creggan.  He's a good looking chap, lovely sideburns, square jaw and a cute little dimple in his chin. But for some reason he just can't seem to find himself a girlfriend.  On Sunday he decided that perhaps a little facial hair would appeal to the ladies, so he bought himself a set of real-hair false moustaches to try out, a different one each day.

On Monday he went for 'The Manly Look' which made him feel strong and protective.
His Tuesday choice was 'The Slim Pencil Moustache', and he felt suave, like a 1930s film star.
On Wednesday he remembered his holiday last year and went for 'The Mexican' - dangerous to know.

He felt artistic on Thursday and tried out 'The Dali Look' and had a rather surreal day.
Friday's choice was 'The Brush, Big and Bushy' which he thought gave a rugged outdoor appearance.
When Saturday came the only moustache left was 'The Inscrutable', but it didn't seem to work for him.

I just hope Creggan doesn't go for The Inscrutable, but I'd be prepared to go out with him for a week or two if he grew a Dali Look 'tache - it should be fun, especially if he adapted his character to fit.

What do you think?

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful sketch of the rocks, and painting on it. I love how sensitively it's drawn. And this mustache guy made me laugh. Also, I am envious of your collaboration group (the other website you have listed), but alas, I don't live in I can't participate.

  2. Hahaha, LOVE Creggan and his different moustaches :-) And your sketch is gorgeous. Maybe not hygienic, but it sure gives a great effect ... ;-)

  3. Creggan's mustaches are awesome! So funny! The sketch of the rocks is wonderful. They have a nice depth to them, especially the coloured version.

  4. these are all fabulous, i love the moustaches! your comments on my blog were so beautiful! thank you xxxx

  5. Brilliant, love the moustaches...lots of fun. Hope he finds a girlfriend.. :)

  6. I love the sketch of the woods, it looks very peaceful. I would be willing to date Creggan with the Dali look. That look, makes him look like he has a very creative side, photography maybe. :)

  7. I reckon the Dali look is a winner :D

    Love the sketch you did of that little patch of woodland - with the colour too - just beautiful. Have joined in Art Every Day because of you :D

  8. I love the serenity of your morning walk art journal sketch. As to Creggan, I'm sure he'll eventually find the right woman for him with that versatile mustache of his. Blessings, my friend!

  9. Your sketches are so delicate, peaceful and beautiful, Jez. And I always enjoy your drawings, they are clever and often fun.

  10. Jez, this sketch of the woods (the one you added watercolor to) is fabulous! You have great talent for sketching. It was fun to catch up with you here - you have been busy with lots of beautiful art! So proud of you. xox

  11. What fun to meet Creggan. He is certainly a man of many looks... Would make a good super spy!! :)


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